Intimate Audio of Popular Director with Bigg Boss 3 Meera Mithun Leaked?


Do you know Meera Mitun? Well, she is one of the great model and actress from Tamil entertainment industry. But this time, she has been in the news for some other reasons.

In the past, Merera has been associated in igniting so many controversies. And it was only a few months ago when her name was associated of both cheating people to collect money, especially from the aspiring models in the pretext of organizing fashion shows and events.

But now, she has become a part of Bigg Boss 3 where her name is again being associated with another controversy.


After she joined Bigg Boss 3, Meera started accusing the director Cheran for various reasons.

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As per the latest reports pouring in this regard, the actress earlier accused the director to manhandle her. But later, when this was investigated, it proved out to be a drama and nothing more than that.

Now, since she is no more a part of the show, many industry insiders have claimed that they have been cheated by her. Not only that, you can find a plenty of cases against her as well.

This time, something different happened. An audio clip of Meera Mithun is going viral where you can spot her intimate conversation with a popular director of the show.

You might be thinking from where this audio clip came all of a sudden? Well, the audio clip was actually taken from her phone by one of her colleagues or assistants. But nobody has proven the authenticity of the so called audio clip.

Please note that Meera Mithun was has featured in movies like 8 Thottakkal and Thanaa Serndha Koottam.


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