The Girl On The Train Hindi Remake: Parineeti Chopra Reveals Her Intriguing First Look

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train Hindi Remake is already on the cards. Parineeti Chopra who will be a leading actress in the upcoming film looks scared and bruised as she gives quite a startled expression in the remake.

Parineeti Chopra has recently signed a new Bollywood project which is based on an American thriller The Girl on the Train. At this time, the shooting of this Hindi remake has already been started.

Parineeti was last featured in Jabariya Jodi where everybody including her fans and the critics praised her acting skills.

Since then, the actress has been working on her new project which happens to be the Hindi remake of ‘The Girl on the Train’. But now, Parineeti came forward and shared her latest and first look from her upcoming film.

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In her first look that Parineeti chose to share, she is completely looking bruised and scared. Not only that, she can also be seen having a startled expression which is saying a lot.

Well, you might be willing to know more both about the upcoming thriller drama and the details of the role Parineeti is going to perform in the movie.

Well, at this, we only know that Parineeti Chopra will be seen in the movie as an alcoholic woman who once rides a train after losing both her job and marriage.

However, if you look the original film, the same role has been performed by noted Hollywood actress Emily Blunt.

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The original version of the film ‘The Girl on the Train can be taken from the Hollywood movie starring Emily Blunt. Now, this Hollywood film happens to be an adaptation of Paul Hawkind bestseller by the same name.

By looking at the popularity of this Hollywood movie, the makers in India decided to remake the Hindi version of the movie directed by none other than Ribhu Dasgupta.

This is what Ribhu told to Mumbai Mirror, an official news point “The Hindi remake is going to be the turning point in the narrative and has everything in store to give you big surprises. We have been shooting for this film for around 15-20 days, 16 hours a day. And I must admit that Parineeti has lots to offer as you can see her ongoing talent is still untapped.”

He further added, “For this film, we have precisely done each and everything. For example, we have just chosen a combination of color palette of brown, black, deep green and grey for Parineeti, along with the right focus on her body language and the delivery of her dialogues.”

When asked about Parineeti to give her comments on the Hollywood film ‘The Girl on the Train, she had said, “The performance of Emily in the movie is something that inspires me. In fact, she has brought to life an entirely different character that she picked right from the paper. After watching the super performance of Emily, I would love to add my own rendition to it that people would love to watch.”

“As an actor, I always liked to act in challenging roles. And the role that I’m currently doing is somewhere relates to what I inspire to do. I guess, this role will prove the level of my versatility as an actor.”

“In the end, I hope that the audience would love how Emily and I performed the same role by reflecting our own individual uniqueness.”

The movie will hit theater in 2020 though.