Padmavati Movie Dispute- The Film to Be Shown to Rajput Leaders Before Release


Being a Bollywood movie fan, you might be aware of the recent Padmavati movie dispute that ended up igniting a major scuffle between the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rajput leaders.

The entire episode had disrupted the shooting (on that day) that was finally called off after stalled by Karni Sena. A number of cine personalities came forward to register their dissatisfaction over the rough brawl that took place on that day.

Since then, there has been a long silence after all this happened. But now, there has emerged some recent twists that came forward to take the story further.

As per the recent updates on the Padmavati movie dispute, the film has to release only after showing it to the leaders of Rajput Sena and its followers.

This was confirmed by a minister hailing from Rajasthan who told the media that the film will be shown to them as they had objected to the film on the earlier occasion.

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The young members of the Karni Sena held a demonstration in their own way and had attacked the sets in the past for presenting the wrong facts.

This is the reason why it has now been finalized that the film would be first shown to the leaders of Rajput group before it gets screened on silver screens.

The state’s Energy Minister had to intervene after a group of agitating members of Savarna Adhikar Aarakshan held a protest on the issue.

The Energy Minister, while addressing the group assured them that the film is not going to be released in the state.

Padmavati movie dispute- The shooting to start again

The Minister further discussed the Padmavati movie dispute and assured the screening of the film will not be allowed in Rajasthan till it first gets screened to the members of our young leaders.

Their demands basically include a complete ban on the upcoming movie along with quota for Rajputs, including the quota for upper casts group who belongs to the economically backward community.

Meanwhile, Shahid Kapoor confirmed his availability to Sanjay Leela Bhansali in the coming 10 days.

When one of the Twitter followers of Shahid asked about the kind of role he is going to perform in the movie, he wrote- “Noble heroic fearless”.