What Sonakshi Sinha Has to Say on Having An Affair With Bunty Sachdev

having an affair
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There was a time when Sonakshi Sinha used to keep mum all the time on having an affair with anyone.

But now, finally, she reveals her affair with none other than ‘Bunty Sachdev’ in public appearances. This happens as and when a celebrity gets into a relationship, letting everyone else guessing about the matter.

The story is not new. ‘Sonakshi’ had an affair with Bunty from sometime.

She left everyone guessing. Till now, the glamorous doll refuted any such report on having an affair with him and went forward by asking the media to respect her personal life.

Recently, both were spotted somewhere by shutterbugs and yet again they became the reason for mounting such a tension. ‘Sonakshi’ was looking gorgeous as well as blushing after she was spotted with her boyfriend.

Image Credit: YouTube.com

She has recently seen in Film-fare awards ceremony where she was questioned about her love life and she replied was something no one expected.

She revealed gushingly: No comments. And further said if anyone can see a finger in her hands? No one couldn’t utter a single word after that.

As per the details of Sonakshi on having an affair with Bunty is pouring in, then we should tell you both were spotted first dating in the year 2012.

But anyhow, both of them couldn’t manage things for them. At that time, the actress’s mom interfered in this matter and things were almost sorted out.

This is quite obvious as there is a huge difference between their ages. And also the fact that the guy is a divorcee.

Now, a quick reminder for all those who don’t know Bunty. He’s the founder of his company by the name ‘Cornerstone’.

It’s actually an agency managing some top brass cricketers. This includes some of the India’s top players, including Umesh Yadav, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ishant Sharma, Murli Vijay and Rohit Sharma.

All of them are managed by this company (Cornerstone). Bunty also owns CSE consulting with Virat Kohli being the partner.

Now, if we look in the past, Bunty dated ‘Dia Mirza’ for quite some time. He was also dating Neha Dhupia at the same time. But the latter chose to overlook it most of the time.