First Jammu International Film Festival Begins- To Screen Films from 11 Countries


The good news is that the first Jammu International Film festival has begun where movies from 11 countries will be screened in various ways.

As per the details, as many as 35 short movies and documentaries from 11 countries will be screened on the occasion of the ongoing film festival in Jammu.

The film festival will last for 2 days and it already looks like something spectacular happening in Jammu.




This is what the Mayor of Jammu has to say about the first ever film festival being held, “I guess, it was a dream come true for thousands of residents of Jammu that this huge film festival is being organized with full dedication and excitement. It looks like my wish was fulfilled.” Mayor concluded.

The directors who organized the festival include Rakesh Roshan Bhat along with his brother Rohit Bhat. When they were asked about the details, they said that it is already going famous as it is being organized here for the first time, especially in the presence of so many Bollywood personalities across the country.

The film festival is being held in Jammu that witnessed so many Bollywood personalities including Prahlad Taware who is a well known producer. Among others included Ayaz Khan, Kashmira Shah and Ayub Khan. All of them gathered to attend the festival.

Mushtaq Kak who’s a well known actor from Jammu when contacted expressed his satisfaction over the kind of response that the festival has received so far.

“Please note that we all got surprised to get as many as 150 different projects across 12 countries in its very first mode. This is what our jury has picked all the films for screening very selectively that are to be screened.” Kak said.