Housefull 4 Trailer- Akshay Kumar Film Looks More Confusing than Funny

Houseful 4 trailer

Houseful 4 trailer is finally released that looks quite chaotic and crazy.

Even before the trailer was released, it made the audience feel excited about it. The reason why we have to say the Houseful trailer crazy is that it basically reveals the crux of the entire plot just in the beginning.

While watching the trailer, it looks like the much anticipated reincarnation comedy is well adjusted in the two time periods- present and 1419. After this is done, the makers shift the plot and start showing the king of Sitagarh where a huge swayamvar is organized for his daughters.

In the first half of the Houseful trailer, you are going to watch some of the menacing acts of Baahuhbali star Rana Daggubati. As per the reports, Rana has replaced Nana Patekar to acct as a villain in the film.

Houseful 4 trailer

Along with Akshay Kumar, others who are going to feature in the film include Kriti Sanon (Madhhu), Pooja Hegde (Mala)Bobby Deol (Dharamputra) and Ritesh Deshmukh (Nartaki Bangdu Maharaj).

Soon after showcasing a few glimpses of 1419, the makers shift the focus to the present. This is the time when Akshay Kumar takes his entry as Harry. At the same time, others including Bobby Deol and Ritesh Deshmukh also join Akshay in their own respective characters.



Akshay who suddenly starts remembering his past life realizes that he’s already married to Pooja Hegde (Pooja). Similarly, Bobby Deol realizes that he is presently in love with Kriti Sanon who’s featured as Kriti in her present life.