Find the Reason Why Controversy Surrounded Over Pakistan’s First Miss Universe Contestant Erica Robin

Erica Robin
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In a surprising turn of events, Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, has called for an official investigation into the organizers of the Miss Universe Pakistan pageant.

This call comes after the controversial nomination of Erica Robin to represent Pakistan in the global Miss Universe pageant.

The decision has raised concerns, particularly among conservative factions within the nation, who claim that the event took place without Pakistan’s consent.

What makes this nomination even more remarkable is that beauty pageants are a rarity in Pakistan, a predominantly Muslim-majority country.

Who Is Erica Robin?

Erica Robin, a 25-year-old Christian from Karachi, secured the title of Miss Universe Pakistan after a competitive showdown with four other finalists in the picturesque setting of the Maldives.

She emerged victorious, besting Hira Inam (24), Jessica Wilson (28), Malika Alvi (19), and Sabrina Wasim (26).

This victory marks a historic moment, as it’s the first time in the 72-year history of the Miss Universe competition that Pakistan has chosen a representative.

The global stage for Miss Universe 2023 awaits, with El Salvador set to host the event in November. There, the reigning Miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel, will crown her successor.


What’s the Controversy?

During the selection process, Erica Robin was asked about her ambitions for her country, to which she responded with a heartfelt desire to challenge and change the prevalent perception that Pakistan is a backward nation.

Her aspirations are rooted in dispelling stereotypes and promoting a more positive image of Pakistan to the world.

The nomination of Erica Robin has not been without controversy. Following her victory in the Miss Universe Pakistan pageant,

Pakistani Senator Mushtaq Ahmed of the Jamaat-e-Islami party strongly criticized the event’s organizers, questioning their involvement and deeming the entire spectacle a “shameful act.”

Furthermore, Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has urged the country’s intelligence agency to investigate how the event was conducted without official approval.

He has labeled the pageant as a “shameful act” and decried it as an “insult and exploitation of women in Pakistan.”

In response to the controversy, Erica Robin expressed her excitement and honor at representing Pakistan but also voiced her confusion regarding the backlash.


Miss Universe Pakistan pageant: Erica Robin’s comments

She highlighted the misconception that she would be participating in a swimsuit competition in front of a male audience, which she believes might be fueling the backlash.

This unprecedented journey by Erica Robin to represent Pakistan in the Miss Universe pageant has not only stirred up discussions within the nation but has also garnered international attention.

It remains to be seen how this journey will unfold and whether it will lead to a broader conversation about the role of beauty pageants in countries with diverse cultural and social norms.


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