Dwayne Johnson Clarifies Why An Instagram Post On Vin Diesel Was Not the Right Thing to Do

dwayne johnson

Most recently, the Red Notice and Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson admitted to Hollywood Reporter that it was not his best day when he shared that Instagram post. Although, the post is now deleted, he still has no regrets about what he said.


It all happened when Dwayne Johnson shared a post about Vin Diesel that became a reason for a quick firestorm. And now, he shares the reason why he regrets sharing the same.

It all happened in the November cover story for Vanity Fair when Johnson chose to explain about his relationship with Vin Diesel that was going on a much debated affair. It also includes the deleted post where he chose to praise his female co stars. At the same time, he also criticized the professional conduct of some of his male co stars.

Although, he was not specific to anybody while saying that, it became the reason of a huge debate. It’s because it was believed that the post was an indirect reference to Vin Diesel.

And so, Johnson clarified the magazine that there was nothing specific happened at the time of posting it. Later, he also admitted that it was not his best day when he posted that on Instagram.

He also said that he has no regrets about posting it as well. “I meant what I said. For sure. I mean what I say when I say it,” Johnson confirmed. “But to express it publicly was not the right thing to do.”

He added that as soon as he posted, it became the reason of a firestorm. In the conversation he had with the magazine, he also admitted that it should not have gone publicly as it hurt the sentiments of those who got hurt with that post. He admitted that he should not have shared it. And that’s why he feels that it was not his best day.

Johnson stated that he wished to return for the series eighth chapter while clarifying that it’s going to be his last in the main franchise. He stated this at during the interview with Hollywood Reporter. “I wanted to forgo drama,” he explained. “I thought that that was the best thing to do. For everybody.”

Added Johnson, “I think it’s always been important to me to always be straight up and look somebody in the eye. And if you say you’re going to do something, do it.”


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