Transformers 5 Release Date in India, Cast and Trailer

transformers 5 release date in india

For all Transformers franchise lovers out there, there is a good news for them. Paramount Pictures has not only revealed the official screening date for Transformers 5 but also for other upcoming franchises Transformers 6 and Transformers 7.


Movie Name:                 Transformers: The Last Knight
Genre:                           Action / Adventure
Release Date:                June 23, 2017 (India)
Directed By:                  Michael Bay
Written By:                   Art Marcum, Matt Holloway & Ken Nolan    
Casts:                           Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Laura Moner


Transformers 5 has been directed by none other than Michael Bay and will crash into theaters not before June 23, 2017.

Let’s update you now with the rest of the Transformer franchise. The Box Office Collection of this film has been $60.54 crores (as per the inputs from reliable sources).


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Transformer 6 will drop not before June 8, 2018 and most probably will clash with Godzilla sequel. Likewise, Transformers 7 will land on June 28, 2019.


transformers 5 release date in india
transformers 5 release date in india | Image Credit:


We couldn’t collect more details about these two movies and hope to collect about them in the time to come. So, stay tuned for more details.

Transformers 5 Release Date in India 

Transformers 5 Release Date in India will fall on June 23, 2017 and is also known as “transformers The Last Knight”. The film happens to be based on American science fiction.

The upcoming movie is going to be the 5th venture of the Transformer series. The present Transformer project also happened to be a 2014 sequel by the name “Transformers-Age of Extinction“.

The direction in the present sequel has been given by Michael Bay, featuring a plethora of fine actors including Stanley Tucci and Mark Wahlberg from Age of Extinction.

John Turturro and Josh Duhamel were seen reprising their characters that reminded us in first three installments along with Anthony Hopkins.


transformers 5 release date in india
transformers 5 release date in india | Image Credit: YouTube


The Last Knight shared a proud moment with all of us after it was premiered at Odeon Leicester Square (London) on June 18, 2017. The film has been released in the USA on June 21, 2017 by Paramount Pictures.

As per Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has received a number of negative audits from critics, and has given a rating not more than 16%. Transformers 5 has become the worst reviewed movie of the entire Transformer series.


Transformers 5 cast

After updating you with Transformers 5 Release Date in India, take a look at the Transformers 5 cast.

Transformers 5 cast includes a number of eminent artists who are known to have their own contributions in making the series successful. Take a look at the movie cast.

Anthony Hopkins- He’s also known as Sir Edmund Burton, who’s a noble and eccentric astronomer. He seems to be well aware about the Transformers on Earth.

Mark Wahlberg He’s known by the name Cade Yeager. Cade happens to be a struggling scientist and inventor who is credited for helping the Autobots at the time of Age of Extinction.

Laura Haddock– Also known as Viviane Wembley, is a kind of altruistic and feisty professor of English Literature giving lectures at the University of Oxford.


transformers 5 release date in india
transformers 5 release date in india | Image Credit: YouTube


Josh Duhamel- He’s known as William Lennox, who happens to be a former commander at N.E.S.T. He’s also posted in the US Army Ranger as a Captain. He’s credited to have partnered with the Auto-bots before the Age of Extinction.

Isabela Moner- Also known as Izabella. She’s more like a virtuous tomboy, orphaned at the time of Chicago war.

John Turturro- He’s also known by the name Seymour Simmons. Turturro happens to be the Govt. Agent of N.E.S.T., and Sector Seven who later turned into a successful writer. John tries to hide out in Cuba and known to have a collaboration with the Auto-bots before the Age of Extinction.

Santiago Cabrera- Also known as Santos, he’s known to be the commander of the TRF.

Transformers 5 Trailer delivers Nazis, Knights and Moon Action

Transformers The Last Knight (Transformers 5) new trailer has recently been launched that largely put an emphasis on action sequences instead of dialogue or plot. The trailer throws Nazis, Knights and a vibrant spectacle into the mix.

The film stars some well known artists including Isabela Moner, Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, John Goodman and Stanley Tucci.

The direction in the movie has been given by Michael Bay who has already declared that this is going to be his last venture in Transformer series.



Producer Ian Bryce recently presented his views while giving an interview with Empire. He revealed the reasons why Transformers-The Last Knight is going to be different from previous installments in the series.

He said “you can see an all time new plot and characters taking part in this one. Not only that, you would also see more of spitting metal with cars being ratcheted all over the place”.





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