Walking Dead Season 8 Cast, Story, Premiere and Much More

walking dead season 8 cast

Before we unveil the walking dead season 8 cast, let’s update you with some real time happenings about the American television series liked by many.

Walking Dead Season 8 is about to enter soon where the audience is going to witness something new and unexpected. Well, it’s going to be way different than the previous Walking Dead series. As per Ross Rarquand, the new season will bring much excitement and triumph for the fans and audience.

You might wonder after knowing what the president of AMC had said after walking dead season 8 was announced for the first time in the history. Well, everybody looked excited when he said “Eeny, miny, meeny, more”.


walking dead season 8 cast
walking dead season 8 cast | Image Credit: YouTube


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Collier is also the president of AMC Studios and SundanceTV. He looked blissful working with some of the hardest working television guys who are credited to have made the entire series successful. They include Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman among others.

He also thanked the audience and all those fans out there for breathing life into the television series right along with their entire team.


When is the release date of walking dead season 8?

Well, everybody wants to have a glimpse of the probable dates when the series will start afresh. But for now, we should at least tell you that the new season have as many as 16 episodes in 2017.

Also, we are quite confident about the fact that like previous installments, the new series of walking dead will also be screened in October (as per the traditions).


walking dead season 8 cast
walking dead season 8 cast | Image Credit: ew.com


Further, considering the probable arrival of the series in mid to late October, we would like to put our money on either October 15 or 22. So, unless there comes any big change in timings, the walking dead season 8 premiere will be held as per its normal schedule.


Walking Dead Season 8 Cast

Before we let you know Walking Dead Season 8 Cast, let’s take a dig at some new developments.

Well, if you are up to more evil shenanigans, then there is a good news! ‘Negan’ will return to scare you again in the show.

This was unveiled by one of the crew members- Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who almost confirmed about his return to the upcoming season as he said “I will definitely on board for season 8.”


walking dead season 8 cast
walking dead season 8 cast Image Credit: Digital Spy


As per the inputs from THR- Katelyn Nacon (Enid), Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis) and Steven Ogg (Simon) have already been promoted to be Walking Dead Season 8 Cast. We didn’t any surprises as they have already proven their worth in season 7. In fact, their roles grew considerably throughout the last season.

Along with that, it will also be great to see much more of Negan’s smiling henchman, Simon and Jadis, the undisputed and enigmatic leader of the garbage guys.

We will keep updating you as soon as we learn more.