Arjun Kapoor Makes A Point About Getting Harsh Reviews for His Acting

Arjun Kapoor
Image Source- Times of India

It happens many times with the actor Arjun Kapoor that he is told about his bad acting skills.

At this point of time, when he has become quite mature in his acting skills, he has to still face all the harsh reviews about his acting talent.

For example, Anupama who is one of the critics has to say that Arjun Kapoor has all the ability to take the criticism in a positive manner.

The actor simply replied that people should not think that he is actually designed to take the criticism at all time.

He said that it is not fair to get the negative reviews about his acting skills at all time.

Even after getting so much of criticism, he thinks that nobody is perfect on his acting skills.


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As far as he is concerned, he thinks that there is a lot of scope to be better than what he is now.

While discussing and making his own point of view on the topic, this is what he has to say, “I think a lot of times I get a little extra flak because of the fact that I am more internal as an actor and in our profession, a lot of externalization is needed to project the performance,” he says.

Arjun further has to say that he always like to perform better. And when someone suggests him to improve his acting skills, he takes it on the positive note. “But I never feel like arre yaar main toh bahut kharab actor hu. Because there is a very big difference between being a bad actor and being a good actor who has not done justice to what you feel,” he said.

Arjun says that he understands when a film does not perform well at the box office.

He also has to say that being an actor; it’s his duty to give his best shot. He even spoke about his performance in the film Munarakan and didn’t find it great to compare him with his uncle Anil Kapoor.

On the issue of critics giving him harsh reviews, this is what he said, “You have minimal words. You’re not able to sometimes maybe transcribe the value of an actor or his performance. It gets put into just adjectives. You take it with a pinch of salt. I don’t hold it against you all but at the same time, I sometimes feel the critique can be a bit toned down also because I know I am good at what I do but I don’t think I get enough due for it.” He said.