Corona Outbreak- Here’s What Sonam Kapoor Has to Share With People


It’s not a hidden fact any longer that people has to stay away from the dangers of corona virus. And for that, they are expected to take all the necessary precautions wherever needed.

In the present time, you might have noticed the sudden outbreak of this dreaded viral infection which is known to gear up in most of the countries. 9xMovies

It emerged right from China and now spreading with full pace in several countries including Italy, US, France, UK, Japan, India, Pakistan and many more.  Baaghi 3 Movie Download

There are several countries that have come in the infection zone of this virus and now have already started taking appropriate measures to handle the situation.


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नमस्कार कोरोना वायरस के चलते मेरी आप सबसे अपील है कि अपने तथा दूसरों के बचाव के लिए कुछ चीजों का ध्यान रखें। जब तक बहुत आवश्यक ना हो, तब तक ट्रेन से गैर ज़रूरी यात्राएं ना करें। रेलवे स्टेशन और प्लेटफॉर्म पर जहां अधिक भीड़ होती है वहां इंफेक्शन फैलने का खतरा भी अधिक होता है इसीलिए अपनी तथा दूसरों की सुरक्षा के लिए इन स्थानों पर जाने से बचें तथा अपनी ट्रेन यात्राओं को पोस्टपोन कर दें। आप जहां भी हैं, वहीं रहिए। आपका ये कदम कोरोना को फैलने से रोकने में सहायक होगा। Namaskar Corona Virus ke chalte meri aap sabse appeal hai ki apne tatha doorso ke bachav ke liye kuch cheeze ka dhyaan rakhe. Jab tak bahut aavashyak na ho, tabh tak train se gair zaroori yaatraayein na kare. Railway station aur platform par jaha aadhik bheedh hoti hai waha infection phailne ka khatra bhi aadhik hota hai. Isliye apni tatha doosro ki suraksha ke liye in sthaano par jaane se Bachein, tatha apni train yaatraaon ko postpone kar de. Aap jaha bhi hai wahi rahiye. Aapka yeh kadam corona ko phailne se rokne mein sahayak hoga. @PiyushGoyalOfficial @PMOindia

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While the Corona outbreak is taking the shape of an epidemic in most of the countries including the US and Italy, people are being advised to tighten up with their awareness so as to stop the above menace due to this ongoing global threat.  Bolly4u

Even Bollywood celebrities are not far behind in spreading awareness among people. They are seen giving away all the necessary steps to outrank the flow of infection due to the corona outbreak.

Recently, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor came forward to float the message of corona awareness on her social media account.

The actress shared a few tips with the public and advised people not to take any risk by moving out to the crowded places.

She suggested to avoid travelling or going to the Railway Stations or any other crowded places. This is the best way to avoid the infection from the virus.  Baaghi 3 Movie Download


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