9xMovies 2020 – 9xMovie 300 MB Free Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Download

9xMovies 2020

9xMovies 2020: Today, users don’t mind using the latest technology to get themselves entertained. 

When we talk about the word entertainment, most of you start thinking about movies which is quite obvious. 

In the presence of high speed Internet connection along with the use of the latest technology, you can easily watch movies online unlike previous days when most users had to watch films only in the theatre.

Now, it’s you to decide which online platform you are going to choice to watch movies online. 

Ideally, there are a plethora of websites available out there but 9xMovies happens to be the perfect one. 

You can easily use the 9xMovies website to free download all the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies online for free.

Apart from that, you may also like to go for the latest Hindi dubbed movies as well.

To surpass all your needs, 9xMovies has been found ideal to work in any circumstances and deliver you with high quality entertainment option. 

To be precise, 9xMovies happens to be loaded with a vast collection of the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies. 

As the web portal offers so much to users in this way, 9xMovies has become one of the most sought movie download website. 

Using 9xMovies, you can easily download from anything to everything for free.

In spite of being a torrent website, it gets millions of hits from users across the globe every month.


What 9XMovies Is All About?

To be precise, 9xMovies is also sometimes referred to 9xMovie that was basically designed for the sole purpose of giving users an edge over other similar torrent platforms to download movies free. 

Initially, 9xMovies was designed to make users equipped to watch or download Bollywood Hindi movies for free.

But after the 9xMovies website started going popular with its inputs, it started taking a special place among the hearts of users. 

Slowly and steadily, 9xMovies website started offering movie download options in other languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi and others so that users could be able to get all the related stuff at the same place.

And this is the reason, 9xMovies website started flourishing well than ever. 

Although, other similar torrent websites like tamilrockers, tamilgun and movierulz work on the same pattern, but 9xMovies gives you somewhat more satisfaction with the kind of movie download options it has as compared to any other online platform. 


9XMovies 2020 Categories

Before we move ahead and let you know more about the 9xMovies website, please take a look at the different categories of this torrent websites to help you find the desired entertainment option. 

  • Hollywood Dual Audio Movies
  • Hindi MP3 and Video Songs
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Bollywood HD Movies Download
  • 300 Mb Movies Download

For those, who like to download all the latest Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and other regional language cinema, you need to visit the 9xMovies or 9xMovies.org.


9XMovies Domain & Server Details

Like millions of users, if you wish to go for downloading movies at 9XMovies or 9XMovie website, then you also need to keep in mind the dangers of using such a torrent website.

In general, most users prefer to watch movies online for free apart from going to theatres. 

But most of them still do not know that watching or downloading movies at any of the torrent website portals like 9XMovies is illegal as these websites provoke film piracy which is illegal not just in India but also in many other countries like the US. 

In spite of the government having banned the domain of 9XMovies, users are still able to access it using the proxy servers.

And this is how 9XMovies ensures that the website is into the business at all the times.

Well, in order to be in the business of film piracy, 9XMovies has to constantly change its domain extensions (like all other piracy websites) as the agencies have already blocked the core domain of the portal in question. 

Apart from being in the business 9XMovies continues to earn a great amount of money in the form of advertisements. Well, this happens to be the main source of the website’s earning. 

Once you land on 9XMovies website, you have to face the most irritating pop-up ads. And this is something you won’t wish to face. But websites like 9XMovies earn from these pop-up ads. 

There are several quality VPN services available in the market that you may like to use to access any such torrent website like 9XMovies. 

These VPN services can be installed to access any such piracy website that has been blocked otherwise. 


Latest Movies leaked on 9XMovies 2020 

You can always find the latest and most interesting movies of your choice once you land on the 9XMovies website portal. 


What Are the Best 9xMovies Alternatives?

If you no longer want to go ahead with 9xMovies website, then there is no need to worry as there are a plenty of such web portals that are right there to serve the same purpose for you. 

Please take a look at some of the other websites that can become a great alternative for 9xMovies or 9xMovie website:


What Are the Best Legal Alternatives Available for 9xMovies Website?

In the ideal circumstances, we do not recommend you to use torrent websites like 9xMovies or 9xMovie as it is indulged into the illegal act of film piracy. 

Obviously, being a genuine user, you would like to go ahead with something that offers movie download in a legal way.

If you are inclined for this, then we would like to tell you that there are a plethora of legal online platforms known as OTT platforms that are very similar to the 9xMovies and can even become a great source of alternatives for this website. 

It’s time to look at the entire list of the legal substitutes that you may like to go with to replace 9xMovies website:

  • Netflix
  • PopCornFlix
  • Mx Player
  • Amazon Prime
  • Yesmovies
  • Sony Liv
  • Hotstar
  • GoMovies
  • MovieNinja
  • Nitro
  • Zmovies


Is It Legal to Download Movies from 9XMovies 2020?

Before you go ahead downloading movies at 9XMovies or 9XMovie, let’s remind you that watching or downloading movies at any of the torrent websites for any reason is illegal.

In addition to this, there are various laws working against the illegal business of film piracy. 

As per the Indian Copyright Act 1957, you are not allowed to watch or download movies using any of the online portals of torrent websites.

In case,  you are still found indulged in the act, you are liable to be prosecuted as per the law. 

Hence, it is advisable not to use torrent websites like 9XMovies or 9XMovie to download movies or any other related stuff using its online portal. 

In case, you still like to go ahead with 9XMovies to download movies, TV shows and web series, you may do so at your own risk. In any case, we won’t recommend you this.

Another reason why you like to visit 9XMovies website to download movies is that you may do so in different formats like 1080p, 480p, 720p and more.

This is basically done to gain the user’s trust while watching your favorite movies and TV shows in HD format. 


9XMovies New link 2020

  • 9xmovies.com
  • 9xmovies.cc
  • 9xmovies.biz
  • 9xmovies.club
  • 9xmovies.name
  • 9xmovies.pw
  • 9xmovies.win
  • 9xmovies.net
  • 9xmovies.vin
  • 9xmovies.in
  • 9xmovies.ws

 Although, we have enlisted the above links various 9xmovies links above, they might not be working as such. 

It’s mainly because they have either been blocked by the agencies or the government in connection with the so called copyright act. 

In such a situation, you may like to go ahead with 9xmovies.org as the link is working and is freely available to users.


How to download movies from 9XMovies?

In order to download movies at 9Xmovies, you need to visit the website in question. Once you visit the 9Xmovies web portal, you will find that it has a well designed interface where everything is displayed nicely.

You can select any movie from the entire list given there and click on the link to download them at any point of time. 

Please take a look at the below mentioned steps to download movies using 9Xmovies or 9Xmovie.

  • First, you need to visit the online portal of 9Xmovies
  • After that, you need to select the relevant category of movies that you wish to download. You may also make use of the filter option to make things fast
  • After this, simply click on the movie that you wish to download and then click the download button given next to it
  • Soon after you click on the download button, you surround with so many pop-up ads. But you are required to click again unless your download is complete.

This happens to be the most ideal way to download movies at 9Xmovies. 


Why You Should Refrain Downloading Movies From 9Xmovies?

In the ongoing discussion related to the 9Xmovies, we have already stated above that you need not indulge into the illegal act of film piracy by either watching or downloading movies at 9Xmovies.

Ideally, it is not either safe downloading movies not just because of the fact that this is an illegal act but also due to the fact that it may also harm your computer or mobile device.

It may happen because most of the torrent websites are loaded with so many pop-up ads and with hazardous software that can harm your device.

Along with that, there are various copyright laws that stop you downloading movies at 9Xmovies. So, we suggest you to avoid using 9Xmovies for movie download. 


9Xmovies Apk Details 

These days, most websites are busy developing their apps because you can do wonders by creating an app. An app is basically a mobile application that users can have an access to. 

A mobile app has many advantages. But here, we have to update you with 9Xmovies App that looks awesome in its functionality. 

Although, Google has already removed its app from Google Play Store, you may like to use a good quality VPN service to access that.

Once you install the app of 9Xmovies, you straightaway get some amazing features where you can download movies, web series and TV shows almost instantly at a very high speed. 

Please find below the 9Xmovies app specifications below:

App Name              9Xmovies

Version                   V3.0

File Size                1.6 MB

Language              English, Hindi

Software               Android 4.0 % above

Lat Updated          Not known


At Bollywoodnewsflash, we neither support nor promote film piracy as it is illegal.

At the same time, we urge users to stop getting indulged into this act and start watching movies only in theatres.