Comedian Nikki Glaser Criticizes Ben Affleck’s Role on ‘The Roast of Tom Brady’: “He Thinks He’s Too Good for This”

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Popular comedian Nikki Glaser recently came on board on the podcast of Barstool Sports’. She discussed a lot of things over the podcast. He was also unhappy regarding the fateful performance of Ben Affleck’s ‘The Roast Of Tom Brady.’

The comedian has recently received a felicitation in the Tom Brady Roast, where she criticized Affleck’s monologue, highlighting that the actor failed on stage.

The recent participation of Ben Affleck in Tom Brady’s Greatest Roast of All Time on May 5, stirred online criticism.

It all happened when the actor appeared to deviate from the show’s intended focus on mocking the NFL player, opting instead to launch into a diatribe against online trolls.

On the other hand, Nikki Glaser dissected what went awry with Affleck’s performance, highlighting that the actor was inadequately prepared for the roast. This is what she stated, “I haven’t revisited it because I dislike witnessing people falter. I understand what occurred: he failed to prepare.”


Comedian Nikki Glaser Criticizes Ben Affleck’s Role on ‘The Roast of Tom Brady’: “He Thinks He’s Too Good for This”

Nikki Glaser criticized Ben Affleck for not putting much effort into his performance, suggesting he might have thought he was too important for the show. This is what she has to say, “He’s famous enough to think he’s too good for this. ‘I’m just doing a favor; it’s not a big deal.'”

On the other hand Glaser revealed that Affleck didn’t talk to Tom Brady about his jokes and chose a bad idea that didn’t connect with the audience.

She further explained, “Either they didn’t talk enough to plan it, or he didn’t practice enough. He stuck to a bad idea, and when it didn’t work at first, it didn’t work later.”

Glaser later discussed Affleck’s performance after Comedian Andrew Schultz shared his thoughts. 

During their podcast, Schultz and Akaash Singh explained why Affleck’s performance didn’t work. They said Affleck talked too much about himself instead of focusing on Brady, who was the focus of the jokes.


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