Dovi Anderson, Animation Supervisor for “Inside Out 2,” Discusses the Development of Character Anxiety

Inside Out 2

One of the most awaited animation series by Pixar and Disney titled “Inside Out 2” is likely to be released shortly. Today, there is a huge audience watching animation shows from Disney.

As per the latest update, Inside Out 2 has only a month left until its global release. In such a scenario, the makers are going busy to share all the recent developments regarding the sequel to Academy Award-winning “Inside Out.”

Following the director’s unveiling of ‘Belief Systems’ in the film, animation supervisor Dovi Anderson delved into the intriguing process behind crafting ‘Anxiety’. It included an entirely new emotion in “Inside Out 2,” poised to disrupt Riley’s inner world.



Dovi Anderson, Animation Supervisor for “Inside Out 2,” Discusses the Development of Character Anxiety

While Anxiety takes charge of Riley’s emotional control center in Inside Out 2, she explains her mission by saying, “My duty is to shield her from the frightening elements she cannot perceive.”

This is what she declares, “I make plans for the future.” The Animation Supervisor Dovi Anderson simply praised the animators’ dedication to making her captivating by integrating ‘impulsive’ and ‘remorseful’ movements, physically experimenting with character elements like twitching, quick head movements, and shaking, which added complexity to Anxiety’s character.

As per some insights shared, it looks like that she employs a forward-thinking mindset, mainly to aid Riley in managing her adolescent emotions, to which Anderson stated, “This closely resonates with the findings from the PhD consultants regarding the essence of anxiety and its manifestations.”

Directed by Kelsey Mann, Inside Out 2 drives an impressive cast, including Amy Poehler, Maya Hawke, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Ayo Edibiri, and Kaitlyn Dias in their respective pivotal roles.

Inside Out 2 is slated to hit Indian theaters on June 14.

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