The Visit- The Worst Horror Movie of All Time?

the visit

You’re in a hurry to go home after finishing your hard day’s work. You want to settle down “asap” for a right good scare.

And to make things faster, you try to finish them within no time! Thinking back in mind, it’s going to be a perfect night to watch a movie, narrating yet another terrifying horror tale.

Now, you don’t wish to waste any more time and turn out the lights, pour your favorite Greek wine, open a pack of Tesco digestive biscuits or probably hit up Netflix for a random horror flick.

Now, everything is set up for a perfect scare unless the film you chose was “The Visit”. After all this, what you say? Probably your entire night will be ruined. Isn’t it?

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Do you still remember the year 1999 when “The Sixth Sense” was released? Well, soon after its release, Shyamalan was started being hailed both as an awesome director and visionary.

I guess, all of us were wrong! For a movie to become everyone’s favorite, what you need to do precisely?

Do you really need strong writing and a convincing story plot or you may just do it lazily and put some much needed plot twists and simply watch the cash roll in?

Well, not really, as he (Shyamalan) believes in doing what he wants. And the movie, “The Visit” is not an exception.

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Genre:                         Horror, Suspense & Mystery
Released Date:        September 11, 2015 (worldwide)
Directed By:            M. Night Shyamalan
Written By:             M. Night Shyamalan
Duration:                94 minutes
Casts:                       Kathryn Hahn (Mom),  Olivia DeJonge (Becca), Ed Oxenbould (Tyler)

The biggest issue with the movie, for me, is the silly plot-twist along with the poor story line that soon becomes quite evident in the beginning itself.

Both “Becca” and “Tyler” happen to be the main leads who haven’t spoken to their parents for so long (almost a year). It shows how Becca commences her relationship with one of her teachers.

This just shows how prudish of them. At this point of time, the mother takes a decision to send children by train, especially to meet 2 people whom they’ve never met.

And in the meanwhile she decides to go on a romantic thrilling cruise. Now, who would do all such things? She’s both a terrible mom and terrible woman.

Most of the characters in the horror movie really suck

Another big issue about the horror movie, (that I believe) is the character “Tyler”. He’s a rapper by profession and a god awful.

To know him well, you have no choice but to sit through a plethora of his raps in the movie. They seem more cringe-worthy than anything else you proceed to watch.

Also, how unrealistic is to see the little kids going through a phase of psychological torture by some elderly pensioners.

Finally, a moment of laughter for me arrives when it shows how the grandpa is busy wiping his face with an already used nappy.

Well, for me, I could possibly ignore all such terrible transgressions, only if the horror part was up to par but unfortunately, it’s not.

All the scary moments shown in this horror movie are next to ridiculous. The characters, including the grandmother, mother and the children are hard to believe. The narrative is also a bit lazy and silly.

Along with that, the plot twist is also not much appreciable either. However, it would otherwise be made redundant in the horror movie if the mother wasn’t such a character as shown.

In fact, the movie wouldn’t even be possible if the mother acted like a well behaved and reasonable adult.

For me, it proved quite a silly horror flick. On a serious note, if you’re also looking to watch a good horror movie, then “The Visit” is not something you need to go with.

In the end, I can only hope if Shyamalan comes up with something far better in the future.