Bollywood Latest Gossip and News- Ranbir Picks Katrina Over Deepika

bollywood latest gossip and news
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As per Bollywood latest gossip and news, ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ is in no mood to pick his former girlfriend ‘Deepika Padukone’, both for his love and professional life.

It’s no more a hidden secret that both actors were in a serious relationship. Initially everything was fit and fine between them, but soon things going out of control.

After Deepika, Ranbir came closer to Katrina. Ranbir also had a serious relationship with Katrina later as everyone already knows about the chemistry between these two.

Even after dating with Katrina for six long years, he had to face break up and both parted ways since then. After all these uneven life spats, ‘Ranbir kapoor’s’ personal life became unworthy.

If we dig more into his past, then a plethora of things tends to come out. For example, after he had a break up with Katrina, he dodged everything on the later’s head and to his personal life. Not only this, the star even kept silent on his most recent breakup with Kaif.

But if Bollywood latest gossip and news to be believed, he recently spotted saying (before his break up) that ‘Katrina Kaif’ is still a crucial part of his life.

On the contrary, we have not seen him speaking about his love life in public before, and this happened to be the first time he spoke anything on his personal front.

He was earlier seen praising Katrina by saying that she is one of the most motivational and influential part of his life.

Bollywood Latest Gossip and News- Ranbir’s life after breakup

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Now, once again, we can spot him, saying that Katrina happens to be the unforgettable part of his life even after he had a breakup with her. Ranbir was recently spotted at Neha Dhupia’s Podcast show.

At this time he was asked about his favourite between Deepika and Katrina. Ranbir quickly chose Kaif over Deepika. Now, do you guys know what’s happening between these two love birds, even after a spat? Well, nothing much, but one thing for sure.

It all seems that Ranbir still has all the respect and love for Kaif. This is when both the stars ended their six year old relationship.

Now, a well noticed question, as how both these ladies would react to all this. Keep guessing!