PHANTASM: REMASTERED is Extremely Gory & Stunning Piece of Art

piece of art
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‘Phantism Remastered’, a horror movie looks extremely gory with an stunning piece of art.

If you look at the original remastered classic, released over 37 years ago, it shows the tale of two brothers who at a point of time discovers a legion of killers who look hooded and dwarf, a flying drill ball, along with the highly horrifying demonic mortician whose job is to make slaves of the souls of those cursed.

The cult classic that was released in the late 70’s created such a climate of the genre over the years, that it proved one of the greatest and uniquely horrifying terror movies of all times.

During those years, ‘Coscarell’ was famous to produce a surrealistic nature of the story and this is what it gave the reason for all of us to ignite a point of discussion every time the film was screened. Those who know all this, continue to relish ‘Phantasm’ due to its unique and creative act of play.


Genre:                            Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction
Release Date:               Oct 7, 2016 (worldwide)
Directed By:                  Don Coscarelli
Duration:                       88 minutes
Casts:                              A. Michael Baldwin (Mike), Reggie Bannister (Reggie), Bill Cone (Tommy)

The presence of terror and visuals makes it look a fine piece of art

Ever since the movie Phantasm was screened, it produced a much more realistic view, especially due to Scrimm’s terrifying presence, and his sudden and shocking entry from nowhere.

Not only that, but also due to his much heavy and booming voice, producing a disturbing chant and then the very deliberative nature in which he was shown to carry himself (as he approaches to Reggie’s ice cream truck).

piece of art
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After watching PHANTASM, it’s fine piece of art,  in the form of the screenplay and all, the film created such an effect in the mind of viewers that there always seemed the image of that Tall Man along with that of the ultimate warrior.

These two roles were highly appreciated among the fans of the genre during those years.

Those who get a chance to watch the movie really appreciate the performance of ‘Michael Baldwin’. The performance was absolutely unimaginable mainly due to his stunning piece of art and devotion towards his character.

Also, no one can forget the highly generous affection with Reggie Bannister and ‘Bill Thornbury’ performances.

Now, discussing the elements of an astoundingly horrific and gory tale of the sequel, this version seems a bit unmatched with what we have seen earlier. Especially, if you discuss about colours and images that all look crisp and precise, converting all into a fine piece of art.

PHANTASM: REMASTERED also screens some shots of night scenes carrying a certain kind of vibrancy and, eventually giving them a new lease of life altogether. Like you see that lady in sequences of Lavender.

There are certain scenes in the film that you can never miss. For example, what shows as the replicate of Roger Zelazny’s My Name, the special night work.

There’s also a particular scene where Scrim snags a coffin. The quality of the film is maintained throughout without compromising on cheap things.

You can also witness the amount of visual effects shown on a high (in the film) as it presents a great piece of art. Along with that, the new audio mix also does a much appreciated work.

Coming to the music part, all must agree that the music of remastered is awesome and everyone enjoyed. The movie can be called a masterpiece of much anticipated sonic art and this needs to be publicized in every possible manner.

Even if you guys didn’t ever get a chance to watch the film or had that kind of affection for Coscarelli’s tale in the film, it can’t be portrayed in a better way as it has been shown in the movie itself.

So, it becomes highly appreciable if you guys reach to the big screens and watch the new sequel of ‘Phantism’, showing a gory and horrifying tale of horror and fantasy.