Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan Not to Host The Show This Year?

Image Credit: YouTube

The question whether Salman Khan should host Bigg Boss 10 is not relevant if we look from the organiser’s perspective.

Like every time, people including his fans and critics want him to lead the show (like every time).

However, there are certain speculations that emerged to the surface suggesting him not to host the grand show this time.

It’s been decades that Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss. On the contrary, no one can deny the fact that Salman has lots of fan base and at the same time, he’s quite entertaining on screen. He knows how to make people glued to the screen.

Either way, he knows the art and manages well to entertain people. No doubt, it’s an all time achievement, especially when the audience has way shorter attention than before.

As long as he continues to host the grand show, all kinds of controversies and rumours run side by side.

In a way, it benefits to the organizers as well because what else they need. If people are getting entertained and getting the value of their money or the time they spend, nothing better than that.

Now, with all such qualities present in him, he already has all the prerequisites in being a Bigg Boss contestant.

Isn’t it? It was also speculated that being the 10th anniversary of Bigg Boss series, the star actor would choose to remain inside the house as a celebrity contestant. Well, let’s see as the show proceeds, but there is hardly any chance for this to happen.

Bigg Boss 10
Bigg Boss 10 | Image Credit: Colors Tv

A plethora of controversies ignited that eventually sparked a debate this season that were enough to give a severe competition that much favoured SRK.

For example, if we analyse his comments in the past where he made a comment on rape while sharing his experience of shooting for “Sultan”, it attracted lots of controversies all around.

After the comment which he made on rape while shooting for the film Sultan, it created lots of controversies.

But after everything started settling down with the passage of time, he made another comment on the Pakistani artists in India and said they are not terrorists, but artists and further, he questioned about the government who take care of all this by giving them visas and work permits.

Amid all such controversies that emerged to the surface, Salman was also found acquitted in the famous poaching case.

Bigg Boss always welcomed personalities like Ajaz Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Ejaaz Khan, who also known to produce controversies.

Do you know what qualities that one need to become a contestant for the Bigg Boss 10? Well, the person should know how to engage people. However, there is a clear difference between engaging and entertaining.

What Bigg Boss 10 organizers want from their contestants?

As an organiser, what do you think they want their contestants to be like? Well, they should comprise at least one quality that is to engage people by making use of their personalities, quirks, linkups, swift mood swings, anger and other emotions.

They should also know how to arrest the short attention of audiences to be able to stretch it till the end of the episode.

Now, when it comes to Salman Khan organising the show, he has all the capabilities to make people listen what he has to say. He has now become the star entertainer of Bigg Boss 10.

Now, to see Salman Khan inside the Bigg Boss 10 can be full of turns and twists to make both his critics and fans alike. And, in the end it doesn’t matter much who wins or who loses.