Miss India Earth 2016 Finalist’s Letter Gone Viral

Miss India
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In a recent twist to the events in the category of lifestyle, a finalist of the recently held Miss India Earth beauty contest has penned down an open letter in which she claims no competition was held in selecting the winner. The letter which she has written almost gone viral across the entire social media.

As you know, the Miss India Earth contest is held every year comprising lots of rounds. But if this model is to be believed, there were no such rounds held.

She was declared as the finalist of the most prestigious pageant contest, but blames the management for not contesting enough rounds mandatory to select the winner. In general, there is a plethora of mandatory rounds that need to be conducted to reveal the actual personality of the individual. She stated that the winner of the Miss India Earth 2016 was announced as Rashi Yadav.

We were all flabbergasted to digest the news as there were no respective rounds conducted. She further stated that all 25 contestants were suddenly summoned on stage and eventually the winner was announced.

When asked to give an explanation as what exactly happened, then she was quick to add that all of us were asked to be ready for 3 rounds that are usually conducted to select the winner. But nobody seemed interested to conduct all of them professionally.

After a while, we came to know the last round of the Miss India Earth contest was not ready. All of us were shocked to know this and suddenly they again called off another round as well.

Miss India
Image Credit: indianandworldpageant.com

How can a winner be decided in any Miss India beauty contest without proper scrutiny?

She still remembers the most dramatic scene on stage when all the contestants were invited on stage. At this time, there were a few contestants who were busy in their own ethnic round ramp walk.

Now, at this time, a person (from management) comes up front and announces the winner all of a sudden. He says they already have the winner who is selected as per her experience, value and excellence.

They simply affirmed that Rashi is the winner, making the rest of the 24 girls startled and humiliated. The question arises, how can the management select a winner of such a prestigious contest without any kind of scrutiny?