A Quiet Place Movie Release Date, Cast and Review

A Quiet Place movie release date

A Quiet Place movie release date– On the coming April 6, 2018, you would be watching yet another American horror flick titled ‘A Quiet Place‘. The upcoming film is directed by none other than Emily Blunt who is also starring in the movie along with Emily Blunt.


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As per the movie plot that secretly follows 4 people of a family who need to live their lives without making hue and cry. This is because if they won’t adopt silence in their lives, especially at the time of hiding from creatures, it could prove life threatening to them. It’s because these creatures have a tendency to hunt by sound.


A Quiet Place movie release date
A Quiet Place movie release date | Image Credit: youtube.com


Movie Name:                              A Quiet Place (2018)
Genre:                                            Horror, Drama, Suspense, Mystery
Released Date:                           April 06, 2018
Directed By:                                John Krasinski
Written By:                                 Scott Beck, John Krasinski, Bryan Woods
Casts:                                              Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe , John Krasinski, Leon Russom


The upcoming horror drama was premiered on March 9 and since then has been receiving some great reviews from the audience. The film is going to release on April 6, 2018 in the USA by Paramount Pictures.

As you are already been updated about A Quiet Place release date, let us bring you the review of the horror drama.


A Quiet Place movie release date and Review

In the present era, where we live in has been precisely characterized by intelligence, especially when we have to discuss about the making of horror flicks these days. However, in the past, the same used to involve as much spectacle, gimmicks, or gore.

There can be various reasons to explain this. One of the most accepted reasons is that genre fans already know that such movies tend to feature some sort of overlooked intelligence. However, most modern days movies like Get Out, It , and Witch have been made with such a brilliance that it becomes difficult to deny their creativity.


A Quiet Place movie release date
A Quiet Place movie release date | Image Credit: Pedestrian TV

Well, despite of all the intelligence that we are discussing about, the present era of horror movies has (no doubt) come with a little compromise. Like, if we talk about some horror flicks ‘The Babadook’ that was made quite intelligently, they can’t be termed as viscerally scary as compared to some other ones like ‘The Conjuring’.

We do not have any sort of doubt about these breathtaking pieces of horror flicks that have lots of praise on technical front, but they still sacrifice the kind of absolute terror in a more refined way.

And this is where “A Quiet Place” looks so special. Well, the upcoming movie is not only an intelligent creation but also a film that is widely capable of scaring those who have a fair idea of what most horror movies are like.

A Quiet Place is a horror drama that starts with a real life married couple by the names John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (Lee Abbot and Evelyn). They just want to safeguard their children named Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Beau (Cade Woodward) and Marcus (Noah Jupe) through a deserted pharmacy. All they tend to speak is only by means of their hushed whispers and sign language.


A-Quiet-Place-movie-release-date | Image Credit: JoBlo.com

They have no option but to remain calm throughout their movements. The reason for their desperate caution becomes suddenly apparent after one of the children Beau turns on a spaceship given by his sister. Soon after this, a monster in the shape starts descending upon him.

This becomes quite clear that the family has no option but to live in the aftermath of an unspecified tragedy. We are not much aware of what is actually happening but one thing that can be said that Earth is soon going to overrun with monsters all over who have the capabilities of grabbing slightest of noises from large distances.

The most dangerous part here is that if these monsters hear you by any means, they will hunt you. Now, considering the fact that these monstrous creatures have almost no weaknesses whatsoever, making any kind of noise will cost your life.


A Quiet Place movie release date
A Quiet Place movie release date | Image Credit: Forbes

The film is both intelligently made and is unique in appearance. They have displayed everything as per the requirements. Yet the movie’s last part is being appreciated the most.

The final part of the movie actually revolves around none other than Evelyn’s pregnancy that happens to be the most unspoken part from the beginning.

Now, we can’t think of someone delivering a newborn without dooming all the family members. In fact, the entire process of delivery of Evelyn starts triggering the entire series of incidents that might leave you as much little chance to breathe.


John Krasinski who has never considered himself to be the strongest horror fan, he has crafted a movie that can be a perfect example of an intelligently made horror film. A Quite Place can be termed as a classic movie that has a plenty of jarring twists with emotional hostages.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the sequel to A Quiet Place is on the cards and is scheduled to release on May 15, 2020.  The sequel is titled as A Quiet Place 2 which is again being directed by John Krasinski. Along with that, a lot of things will change including the star cast.

If you remember the moment when A Quiet Place was released in  2018, it became one of the scariest Emily Blunt movies that the audience won’t be able to forget. And now, when its sequel is also being made, the fans must be feeling overjoyed.