Asura: The City of Madness Fits Among Best Action Movies

best action movies
Image Credit: Asian Movie Pulse

Asura: The City of Madness falls among the best action movies that screens Han (Jung Woo-sung) who’s a detective. He’s been working for the famous corrupt Mayer by the name Park Sungbae (Hwang Jung-min).

best action movie

The time has come for him to get persuaded by a ruthless looking prosecutor Cha-in (Kwak Do-won). He’s hired to cooperate against the investigation that has been started against the mayor. Now, all these proceedings are enough to make Han tensed.

He therefore tries to persuade Sunmo (Ju Ji-hoon) who’s the partner to take over his entire work and everything else for the corrupt Mayer.

But from here on, things really start getting tangled in seemingly unpredictable ways. Now, at this point of time when you’ve no hope of getting a justice, the chances are that most evil survives in this heinous dog-eat-dog world.

Genre:                         Action & Adventure
Released Date:        October 14, 2016 (Limited)
Directed By:               Kim Sung-Su
Written By:              Kim Sung-Su
Duration:                136 minutes
Casts:                       Jung Woo-sung, Hwang Jung-min, Ju Ji-hun

Asura: The City of Madness is one of the best action movies that showcase extreme violence along with thrilling adventure. It’s a South Korean thriller that has been directed by none other than Kim Sung-Soo.

The film is a saga of gangland loyalty with the presence of criminal gangs all over. The loyalty’s mainly distinguished by its unrealistic and unrelenting cynicism.

Everything goes on in the fictional city of Annam where you may find everyone going on his stand, a detective by the name Han (Jung Woo-sung) is hired.

This guy is a detective who has to cast his lot with the corrupt mayor. There’s yet another guy by the name Sungbae (Hwang Jung-min), whose job is to wield the violence without giving mercy from behind a bespectacled dignified facade.

How the movie fits among the best action movies

All the above arrangement that has been narrated above, catches up Han in a vise grip placed between the both ambitious guys.

Now, on the other hand is the corrupt Mayer who has been offering to cut off his own arm. This altogether makes a highly chilling and implacable nemesis.

As soon as the proceedings carry on, and treating his evidence of betrayal, he regards every attempt on his crown in the form of a dual challenge and eventually spin it in the form of a better public relations.

Albeit, the uses of those blind boys (Alabama’s version) conjures memories. In the last leap of the movie, as the suspense slackens and the spilling of blood starts almost nearly to the point of parody, it seems that the action movies are designed to be a test of mettle for both the audiences and filmmakers.