Kangana Ranaut Finds Herself Better Doing B Grade Films

Kangana Ranaut
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Kangana Ranaut has been serving the entertainment industry for more than a few decades. She’s a talented actress and has done numerous top films.

She hails as the Queen of Bollywood due to her back to back top box office releases.

When asked about the meaning of success to her, she doesn’t have to say much except a few lines.

She says that I don’t relate success with any kind of pressure. Even if you get failures, it should not reflect your credibility, being an artist. This is what Kangana has to say on success.

She further says that she doesn’t believe working for the sake of getting into the top position and therefore refrain doing anything like that.

She gives more priority to work than to spot her at the top position. Kangana Ranaut has a good stance on what she wants to achieve, but doesn’t believe setting any standards. She’s unable to work under pressure and therefore wants to work from the free mind.

Kangana primarily believes sticking to her path (goals) and enjoying every kind of pleasure after finishing her projects. And probably, this is the reason why she thinks to be the only one who has done B-grade films.

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Kangana Ranaut- top box office releases

Kangana doesn’t agree to the fact that a certain project has the capability to elevate you to a certain position. Even you’re giving back to back flops and still being counted among the top actress.

If we look Kangana’s background, then she hails from a small town near Manali who approached the tinsel town without having any kind of start connection.

Even then, she straightaway went ahead to make her place in the vast Bollywood industry. As soon as she took an entry, she had to prove herself about what she deserves.

Kangana Ranaut performed in many hits that include “Gangster”, “Life In A Metro“, “Woh Lamhe”, “Katti Batti”, “Queen” and many more.

Kangana’s latest projects

Kangana is currently busy shooting in Atlanta (US) for her latest “Simran”. It’s being directed by Hansal Mehta. The story projects her to be a 30 year old divorcee. let’s see how she performs after the movie is released.

Kangana is clear about her approach towards her work and always try to perform it with full honesty. This is the reason why she’s praised for the brazen honesty. For now, she’s busy doing Simran but has signed a plethora of upcoming films that she would take one by one.