5 Things That You Can’t Resist Without Knowing About Aquaman Trailer

aquaman trailer
aquaman trailer

Aquaman Trailer- The post reveals all from battle-ready sea horses to Mera’s origins. In spite of a slight delay to launch Aquaman trailer, fans can now have a sigh of relief as Warner Bros. finally unveiled the first and latest Aquaman trailer.


aquaman trailer
aquaman trailer | Image Credit:YouTube


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The movie is scheduled to release on December 21, 2018. The director James Wan looked relived after taking Comic-Con by storm, in spite of a slight delay that was mainly attributed nothing more than his own sense of perfection.


Movie Name:                           Aquaman
Genre:                                     Action / Adventure
Released Date:                        December 21, 2018
Directed By:                             James Wan
Written By:                              David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, Casts:                                      Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard


Well, it was originally created by Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris as early as in 1941. As you can see, the characters waited for 77 long years to have his own movie being featured based on his own character.

There is no doubt that leading star Jason Momoa in the Aquaman movie 2018 looks a bit different than the originally designed characters by Arthur.

This time, he simply resembles in a beard and hook-handed looks of Aquaman right from the early 21st or late 20th centuries. This time a plenty of hallmark characters will tend to see the much profound cinematic approach.

Do you think the wait for Aquaman movie trailer is worth of its wait? Please have a look at a few things that eventually surfaced after watching the Aquaman movie 2018 trailer:


Aquaman has come strongly in the presence of placing its stand in the media

As you might be aware of that Aquaman has long been the center of attraction of media, be it in the form of jokes or anything else of that sort.

He was even positioned by a number of leading Cartoon Network ad campaigns as the guy who is simply ignored and is placed pranks and jokes by other heroes in the office.

Well, all this continued to happen as the guy is best regarded for his extra ordinary abilities to not only talk to fish but many other water creatures.


aquaman trailer
aquaman trailer | Image Credit: YouTube


It was done in their original languages, especially at the time of Golden Age adventures.

If you take a look at the initial part of Aquaman trailer, it simply reveals his abilities to command most curious looking water creatures including mantas, sharks, etc. often seen nurturing in aquarium. Having such abilities make him different than others.


Arthur’s of two worlds

One of the main characteristic of Arthur is none other than his multiracial origins. In this movie, he is playing the role of a Surface-dweller and Atlantean.

He looks quite confused about his own ethnicity, especially when he comes in front of people with different races and cultures. And this is the reason why he tries to avoid Atlantis (last seen in Justice League).

The special character of Arthur comes right in front of his Silver Age Origin that happened somewhere in the early 60’s and late 50’s era.

And this was specifically when his father who owned a light house with Queen Atlana came forward and made their appearances to the masses.

Even after this, it looks like a matter of time before he waits for his two worlds to collide. This will eventually force him to find his place within them.


He will continue to confront ORM for the throne

On the other hand, the brother of ORM happened to be another surface dweller who later married Tom after the demise of Atlanta.

Arthur was having superior abilities and this enabled ORM to better propagate his intentions in order to invade the surface just like the ruler of Atlantis, especially when the old king falls ill.


aquaman trailer
aquaman trailer | Image Credit: YouTube


However, it appears the sibling rivalry to start with almost no delay when Arthur finally tends to break the surface and asks for his claim on throne.


Role of Mera in his life

Do you remember Mera, who was first featured in Aquaman 11 (1963)? Well, she was originally the superior commander (Queen) ruling over a plethora of Atlantean exiles.

While asking for Aquaman for an aid, both of them fell in love. Some writers claim that Mera was the most adored princess of the much exiled realm who was on a mission to kill Aquaman. But in the long run, both of them have a tempestuous wedding, as you see in the world of comics.

However, in the Aquaman trailer, it looks quite evident while she is advocating Arthur, after she precisely convinces him to not only challenge ORM but also visit Atlantis.

In the story further, it appears as she is going to teach him how to swim in the sea and also to talk to the creatures like fish.


Aquaman trailer shows the presence of Armoured Sea-Horses

Mera comes to know about the intentions of ORM that he wishes to go on war. And soon after that, the stage is all set with armored sea-horses and sharks.



The Aquaman trailer finally shows its image while riding a sea-horse. It further shows how he goes back to his own version of animated series in the 1960’s.

After watching the Aquaman trailer, it looks like the extended version of the trailer features Arthur in traditional green and orange costume will continue to embrace its vivid drama and stillness.




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