Amitabh Bachchan’s Granddaughter Navya Naveli Not Keen to Explore Her Acting Skills

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The post is about the growing conception of our star-kid’s acting skills. The industry has already given the name of nepotism to it.

But amid such facts, do you think every star kid should be given an opportunity to act even if they don’t intend to enter into the profession?

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The phrase ‘celebrity kids’ look like a much fascinating term as soon as we start relating it with lavish and high profile lifestyles. But either you agree or not, there is another side of it that needs to be highly addressed which is not related to their acting skills.

This is their behavior and moral values towards their society, as they pose to become the future role models for many of their fans.

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Amitabh Bacchan is one name in the entire Bollywood fraternity that has been ruling since decades. He has a thick fan following.

This article is about “Navya Naveli Nanda” who is the granddaughter of senior AB. She was in the news in the recent past, not due to her acting skills but for some other reason.

Fans from all the directions have been speculating about the time when she would be seen signing a film. But all such speculations came to an end when it was announced officially that she won’t be debuting in the films for now.

As per the news floating in, she has no interest in acting or a career in Bollywood. Recently, Shweta Nanda (mother of Navya) highlighted a few repercussions that she has to go through.

It’s because of her celebrity status that is one of the main reasons along with her relation with some close actors of their family. Not only this, she also mentioned strong words against her.

Why can’t Navya reveal her acting skills?

Divya highlighted a plethora of facts about her daughter. Like, she’s as simple at heart like any other teenage kid.

Likewise, her other qualities: she’s fond of reading, Rajma Chawal, the Kardashians, watching TV along with her Nani and at times, curling up next to her, teasing her friends for many reasons and so on. She also cleared the air related to her acting skills (career).

As per her, Navya has no specific interest in acting or choosing Bollywood as a career. In short, she doesn’t want to pursue a career in acting and all that stuff.

She further adds that Navya is as generous and kind like any other girl. She further says, specifying these attributes don’t fetch enough to convert them into headlines.

She was looking upset the way she chose to mention a list of things for her daughter who was getting bombarded with numerous questions on her acting career.

Shewta Nanda was so upset regarding the comments that make people about her daughter on the social networking sites. She says that she can’t do much about those nasty comments, but to see them helplessly.

She says that her daughter is a teenager, but it’s not an exception, she still knows the sense of self, especially when people call her scrawny, unattractive and many other names.

But no one understands the self esteem of a young girl who doesn’t even know how to handle all this mess. She would never want to come into the limelight in this fashion at least.

She further adds a section to those who have no work but peddling this mess for so long.

They don’t even have shame or a kind of accountability before they write any derogatory remarks about her. She further says why can’t these people give my teenage daughter, her personal life back.