How Bollywood Being Hit Due to Kashmir Conflict

In a recent dramatic twist of events, it’s being reported that Bollywood is being severely hit due to the ongoing Kashmir conflict. This has led to spark the flurry of hostilities in both the countries. Ramya, an actor from Bollywood recently travelled to Pakistan for a good cause, but in return could get only threats.

If you remember the recent terror strikes in the Uri district and the reluctance of Pakistan denying every single attack on our armed forces, India has been under constant pressure to revamp its strategy to deal with the situation. It resulted in much needed surgical strikes. Amid all this, the situation in both the countries has been going far more than worse.

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Coming to Bollywood, there mounts pressure from all the directions on the Indian government to stop Pakistani artists working in India. How cheap it all looks, sometimes in the name of Kashmir. But there is no other option left to register our anguish on the matter.

As we know already, it’s all happening due to unresolved Kahmir conflict and there is no way the situation can improve with talks now. After the verdict given by the public in large, some Pakistani actors, even started leaving India till the time everything gets settled.

If we discuss about the checkpoint on Wagh border, then anyone can see it being shut to the general public. All this happened after revelers from Pakistan started pelting stones on the Indian side. Indian motion pictures severely condemned the recent terror strikes in the Uri district where as many as 19 soldiers were killed.

In a retaliation phase, Indian government successfully launched its surgical strikes in the PoK (Pakistan controlled Kashmir). Now, as per the order of motion pictures, the legion of all Pakistani artists in Bollywood would have to be banned until the situation gets normal. However, some are of the view that all the artists from Pakistan should be banned for ever.

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One such name is Fawad Khan, who hails from Lahore (Pakistan) and looks like a meticulously beard man. He’s on the radar from everyone in India. Nobody wants him to stay back here and work. His recent film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil‘ is basically a romantic drama which is to be released on Diwali. But he would stay in Pakistan for now and won’t be able to promote the film staying here any longer.

All Pakistani artists should be banned until Kashmir conflict resolves?

Among all this, two more artists from Pakistan had to cancel their singing concerts in India after they were asked to leave the country as soon as possible, or ‘be ready’ by being “pushed out”.

This has even led to spark a debate among social media and news channels. Some Indians were also caught in the fire like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who was not permitted for an entry into a regional concert (by Hindu fraternity).

As per them, it talks about tradition on the Hindu and Muslims. They have a view that no Muslim has ever been allowed to enter on stage in the last 50-60 years. So, how can we allow him to fulfill his dreams to act, as per his childhood dream!

See what Karan Johar has to say on the crisis emerging due to the Kashmir conflict. He’s the director of Fawad Khan’s latest release. He says his heart bleeds for the Indian soldiers who lost their lives in the Uri attack.

He insists that banning people from Pakistan can’t be a solution. All of them are not terrorists, but artists. However, Anupam Kher (Veteran artist) says artists from Pakistan have to publicly condemn attacks on Indian soldiers.

Another actor turned politician by the name Divya Spandana was recently threatened after she visited Pakistan in the month of August. However, Pakistan has only regretted on the restrictions made by the Indian film lobby and in a reaction, showed its embargo by restricting all Bollywood movies across Pakistan. The matter is not going in a good direction, especially in the mid of the Kashmir conflict.

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