Actor Jay Benedict Passes Away Due To COVID-19 Infection

Jay Benedict

The ongoing crisis due to the novel COVID-19 is nowhere getting over but going worsen with the passage of time.

Each day, lots of people are losing their lives due to the severe infection of the dreaded virus.

Under such adverse conditions, it has become quite a tedious task to protect the masses against the infection from the coronavirus.

Although, the state government is taking every step to curb the infection from the disease, more number of cases are being reported that are worsening the situation.

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, another celebrity lost his life. It’s none other than Jay Benedict who passed away due to the infection from the coronavirus.

After the Hollywood actor was admitted to the hospital with the Covid-19 symptoms, the situation got worsens with the passage of time.

Jay Benedict was best known for some of his memorable performances in many films including the role he played in James Cameron’s Aliens in 1986.

Jay Benedict is also known for playing memorable roles in other films like ‘Foyle’s War’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. In the recent past, he appeared in films like ‘Downton Abbey” and Call “The Midwife’.

Soon after the demise of the actor, his management staff uploaded their obituary stating, “Jay was born in California, but his family left the United States for Europe when he was a child. As a legacy of his itinerant childhood, he is English/French bilingual, and no slouch in Spanish and German, either. People meeting him in ‘real life’ are surprised that he sounds more English than American — but so would you if you’d lived in Europe for 50-odd years (some of them very odd indeed). This doesn’t, however, prevent most casting agents from insisting that he play Americans — which he does happily and, not entirely surprisingly, like a native.”

If you look at the number of such cases where the Covid-19 infections are getting worse, the number of cases are huge and pouring in at a very fast rate. If not controlled in time, the toll may rise further.

Right now, the only way to protect the lives of people is by letting them stay in their homes safely. This is how they can manage the chain of the ongoing infection levels


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