Kylie Jenner Breaks the Rules of Social Distancing for Sister Kim Kardashian

kylie jenner instagram
kylie jenner instagram | Image Credit: Instagram

This is not the first time that Kylie Jenner is being criticised for breaking rules. This time, Jenner is being condemned for not following the social distancing rules, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic

This time, Jenner chose to break the rules of social distancing for her sister Kim Kardashian.

As per the updates, Jenner chose to self isolate herself by staying in one of their homes at Hidden Hills Estate.

Almost everything was going smooth until the reality television didn’t adhere to the rules and straightaway chose to help her sister with her makeup. 

It all happened due to the circumstances that kept changing with time. As per the programme, Kim had to appear at the home edition of Jimmy Fallon without her team.

As there was no one to help with her makeup, she insisted to take the required help from her sister Kylie.

This made both of them ignoring the social distancing rules meant to protect them from the Covid-19 crisis.

It’s not a onetime affair as we have already witnessed kylie breaking rules for her own convenience. In one of the previous instances, Kylie chose to break rules for not touching fingers on the faces. It was an advice for everyone.

But the Instagram sensation didn’t adhere to the rules and was seen licking her fingers. As per the advisory in relation to the precautions to be taken against the coronavirus outbreak, it is necessary for people to wash their hands on a regular basis and also avoid touching their faces.

On the other hand, Kylie ignored all the suggestions and was even seen working from her headquarters instead of working from home.

Kylie has a habit to be in the limelight for one reason or the other. In the past, she posted a video on Instagram showing her $450 Louis Vuitton chopsticks. 

Soon after she posted the video clip, many of her followers criticised her for spending money on useless things and even suggested to help the needy instead.

Here comes a great news for Kylie Jenner who was recently spotted for donating a whopping $1 million to all those health care workers helping those infected with the dreaded covid-19.