A Comprehensive Guide to ‘Solo Leveling’ Anime: The Latest Sensation from Webtoon to Animation

Solo Leveling Anime

Sung Jin Woo’s journey to reclaim his tarnished reputation, marked by being branded as humanity’s weakest hunter and undergoing a life-altering near-death experience, is what captivates audiences in “Solo Leveling.”

The notion that an ordinary, even subpar individual can ascend to godlike status is a concept that intrigues us, making its portrayal on screen undeniably attention-grabbing.

Originally a web novel, “Solo Leveling” was adapted into a webtoon in 2018, quickly gaining widespread attention for its stunning artwork and gripping narrative. Concluding in 2021, it later saw the release of several side stories in 2023.

It was the anticipation surrounding the anime adaptation that reignited interest in this immensely popular series. After much anticipation, the first episode of the anime finally premiered in January 2024.


Premise of Solo Leveling

The world of “Solo Leveling” was once ordinary, filled with regular people leading normal lives and holding typical jobs—until everything changed.

Its entire landscape shifted when strange supernatural phenomena, known as ‘mana gates’ or dungeons, began appearing randomly and unpredictably.

These portals brought forth magical beasts and monsters, altering the dynamics of society. As a result, individuals with heightened abilities emerged, possessing an affinity for mana and acquiring magical powers—they became known as Hunters.

Unfortunately, our protagonist, Sung Jin Woo, wasn’t blessed with innate Hunter abilities. With minimal mana affinity, he worked as a hunter solely to support his family through their financial struggles.

After narrowly surviving a particularly perilous dungeon, Jin Woo is chosen as the sole player of his world by a mysterious ‘system.’ Now, Jin Woo has the opportunity to grow stronger through the system’s intricate level-up mechanism.


Solo Leveling Release Schedule

“The first season of “Solo Leveling,” currently airing, is scheduled to comprise 12 episodes. The premiere episode debuted on January 6, 2024, and the series is currently airing its 5th episode.

Episodes are released every Saturday, with the final installment slated for release on March 23, 2024, assuming no disruptions or breaks occur in the studio’s schedule.


How The Anime Differs From the Webtoon

  • There are several subtle differences included in the anime adaptation of “Solo Leveling,” possibly to provide context for viewers who are new to the series or to set up future developments.
  • The anime is presented in Japanese: While “Solo Leveling” originates as a Korean webtoon with Korean settings, the anime adaptation is fully in Japanese, although the characters’ names remain Korean.
  • Teasing of the Jeju Island Arc: The highly anticipated Jeju Island Arc from the webtoon is hinted at in fragments during the first episode of the anime.
  • Early introductions of late-appearing characters: Many characters who make their appearances later in the webtoon are introduced much earlier in the anime. These include Cha Hae In, Yoo Jin Ho, Han Song Yi, President Go Gunhee, and some of the S-rank hunters from prominent guilds.
  • Consistency with the source material: As of the latest episode, the anime has largely remained faithful to the webtoon, with few to no significant changes compared to the original source material.


Solo Leveling” is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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