ARK 2: ARK 2 Release Date, Platforms, Trailer, & Everything Else We Know So Far

ARK 2 Release Date

Ark: Survival Evolved stands out as one of the premier survival games in the current gaming landscape, boasting over 16 million sales and 10 million mobile installs.

With such a vast player base, attention naturally turns to Studio Wildcard and their forthcoming release, Ark 2. As anticipation builds for the next installment in the series, here’s a comprehensive overview of everything you should be aware of regarding Ark 2.

Ark 2 Release Date

Ark 2, that was quite eagerly awaited in 2023, has encountered a delay in its release and will not be launching this year as initially anticipated. The postponement was announced in September, with no specific date set for its release in 2024.

Although there is a possibility of receiving updates during The Game Awards, if not, fans can anticipate its arrival in the latter half of 2024.


What Platforms Will Ark 2 Be Released?

As per the latest gaming news, it was disclosed that Ark 2 would enjoy console launch exclusivity on the Xbox Series X, in addition to a release on PC. There is a chance that the game may expand to other platforms at a later point.


Will Ark 2 Come To PS5?

Ark: Survival Evolved achieved significant success on the PS4, making it unlikely for Studio Wildcard to entirely overlook the PS5.

The collaboration with Xbox pertains solely to console launch exclusivity, suggesting that Ark 2 may eventually make its way to the PS5 after a certain period, and potentially even to Nintendo’s next console.


Ark 2 Trailer

Ark 2 was initially announced in 2020, and since then, details about the game have been relatively scarce. However, you can view the cinematic reveal trailer from 2020 below.


Do You Need To Play Ark 1 Before Ark 2 Is Released?

Ark: Survival Evolved lacks a compelling narrative, a characteristic shared with many survival games. While there is a storyline present, players can derive just as much enjoyment without delving into it, as it doesn’t significantly influence gameplay.

If you haven’t played Ark: Survival Evolved yet, you could opt to wait for the release of Ark 2 without issue, seamlessly diving into the gameplay. You might encounter some unfamiliar bits of lore, but they shouldn’t hinder your overall enjoyment of the game.

Ark 2 Story

As expected, the storyline of Ark 2 will pick up from where the Genesis: Part 2 DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved left off, which debuted in 2021. While there hasn’t been an abundance of information released regarding the plot, examining Genesis: Part 2 can offer some insight into what lies ahead.

Following the destruction of the Genesis Ship and its crash landing on a planet, one of the Santiago clones emerges from stasis and sets course for a likely location where the game will unfold.

If you haven’t played the base game or its Genesis: Part 2 expansion, this premise might be confusing. However, as previously mentioned, experiencing the story beforehand isn’t necessary for enjoying the game upon its release.


Vin Diesel Is In Ark 2

While it’s becoming increasingly common for celebrities to feature in video games, it might come as a surprise to see Vin Diesel involved in a game unrelated to family themes.

His participation in Ark 2 and Ark: The Animated Series as an executive producer is quite fitting. The renowned actor, known for his roles in The Fast and the Furious franchise, holds a genuine passion for the Ark series, having reportedly spent over 1,000 hours playing Ark: Survival Evolved over the years.

His deep understanding of the game and his perspective as a dedicated player will undoubtedly contribute to his role in producing Ark 2. It’s refreshing to witness a celebrity actively engaged in a project they’re passionate about.


Will Ark 2 Be On PS Plus And Xbox Game Pass?

As a result of the partnership between Microsoft and Studio Wildcard, it was announced that Ark 2 would be launched on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and console.

If the game expands to PS5, it may potentially be featured on PS Plus at some point, either as part of the Premium game list or as a monthly free game.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to play the original game, Ark: Survival Evolved is presently available on Xbox Game Pass for console and can be accessed on PC through Cloud Gaming.


Mods Will Be Supported Across All Platforms

Game mods have gained immense popularity in recent times, often revitalizing games for years to come. Recognizing this trend, Studio Wildcard has revealed that mods will be officially supported from the game’s launch.

What’s particularly exciting is that this support will extend to Xbox as well. Typically, console players lack the capability to install mods due to restrictions on modifying game files, unlike PC players.

Ark 2 will leverage to enable user-generated content on both platforms.


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