A Prayer Before Dawn Release Date, Cast and Review

a prayer before dawn

A Prayer Before Dawn– It’s an upcoming movie that reflects a true story of an English boxer- Billy Moore. The boxer is incarcerated in Thailand’s infamous prisons.

He’s passing his odd days but is suddenly thrown into the unknown and terrifying place of violence and drugs.


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First, he tries to accept the fact that all his life has become like a hell. At this time, prison authorities decide to take him through a plethora of Thai Boxing Championships. After coming to know all this, Moore starts thinking that this might become one of the ways to leave from this hell.

Soon, the boxer is sent on a much thrilling, relentless and action packed expedition. He is sent from one savage fight to the other. He does not stop anywhere to think about his freedom or doing anything good for him.

Well, the film- A Prayer Before Dawn is made with real inmates in Thai prison. The upcoming movie happens to be quite a thrilling and visceral journey of an English boxer shown from an unforgettable and unimaginable hell on earth.


A Prayer Before Dawn Release Date

The movie is scheduled for release on Aug 10, 2018.


A Prayer Before Dawn Review

A Prayer Before Dawn is quite a thrilling movie full of jarring twists. It’s more like a violent prison creation for the audience that has been shot in a Thai prison in the presence of real Thai inmates.

The Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s feat is going to prove quite a sweaty and mighty feat.

The genre of violent prison drama is going tougher day by day. Talking about A Prayer Before Dawn, which is primarily a harrowing tale of extreme violence and drama, it looks equally tough to make a mark in people’s minds and souls.

The movie is directed by Sauvaire, who is a French director that shows how the movie comes out by landing a plethora of clear knockouts.

The movie looks way astonishing and exhausting, ideally featuring English junkie who is transformed into pugilist.

It is clearly seen that the upcoming film is Billy Moore’s Thai prison feat showing instances of extreme cinema. The movie shows a number of physical lead performances of Hollywood star Joe Cole.

As it seems, A24 has almost scooped the US rights to the film that was premiered well at Cannes during midnight screening event.

The upcoming movie rightly received the right slot that mixes a lot of dirty abrupt fight thrills in the presence of varied sensory experimentalism.

The story-line of A Prayer Before Dawn is specifically based on account of a British boxer. He’s turned into an author from being a criminal. Not only he is a violent boxer, but also a drug addict as well.

He looks desperate in Thai prison but tends to make what meagre income he can in Thailand’s boxing events. He is  jailed due to his unlawful activities.

Before moving out on a series of boxing events held in Thailand, Moore has to live a dirty and distressful life in prison where most of the other immnates are seen packed into dirty and violent cells where beatings, murders and rapes are common occurrence.

Moore chooses to keep silent and tries hard to survive even in such a pathetic situation. That’s the reason why he at last agrees to represent the entire prison in the upcoming boxing championship.

Well, this film is quite different than other genre films as the director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire tries to immerse you way down in the prison life as if he is influenced by some other films of the same genre like Midnight Express and Raging Bull.

The director tries hard to make the audience feel like the hell in front of the big screen. He makes use of his personal camera in order to instil a kind of creeping uneasiness that even makes the viewer feel uneasy.

A Prayer Before Dawn looks like a kind of documentary with an assured sense of authenticity. The star cast in the film is performed by a pool of non-professional artists.

Well, this proves quite an effective strategy while depicting something that has really happened. As it is quite evident in the 114 minute film which is full of harshness and grit.

Well, it all seems that the movie is never going to an easy watch, especially when it has to show so much of violence and lust.

This is also because you are surely going to immerse into the world of brutalising violence.

The overall story-line of the upcoming movie is quite fine but it may leave a few bad psychological effects on those who are watching such a film for the first time.

In other words, watching A Prayer Before Dawn is never going to be easy for them.



Please do also know that Sauvaire tends to follow up some impressive feature debut Johnny Mad Dog with a quick, brutal and thrashing cinematic experience in their depictions.

It looks like a tough prison drama that reaches out at something enlightening and approaching in Morre’s destructively violent and true story.