5 Big Things Happened in Bollywood During The Coronavirus Lockdown

zoa morani

The year 2020 is not going great so far for Bollywood as a number of things happened so far that are worth mentioning. 

Although, hundreds of good and bad things keep happening in the industry, but there are certain things that are not easily forgettable.

The ongoing lockdown due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic has devastated lives of even the common man. The infection due to coronavirus is not only restricted to India but is spreading across the globe at a fast pace.

Amid lockdown, Bollywood witnessed so many instances that have now become a part of an unforgettable memory. Take a look at some of them below:


Zoa Morani-Kiran Kumar tested positive for the coronavirus

In India, Covid-19 pandemic first spread its wings in the month of March when Zoa Morani including her family members like her father Karim Morani and sister Shaza Morani were tested positive for coronavirus.


zoa morani


Although, all of them had to undergo the treatment by admitting to the hospital, they were declared winners against their fight with coronavirus. But this created a lot of panic among all.

The same situation rose when Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar was tested positive for the dreaded Covid-19. Later, he was also declared as the winner against his fight with coronavirus.

The same sort of panic was created in the month of April when Singer and actor Kanika Kapoor was tested positive for Covid-19. She was not only given the treatment but also booked for her suspicious role in spreading the virus due to her negligence.

After giving her a brief treatment at a hospital in Lucknow, she was sent back home after she was fully recovered.


The Demise of Irrfan Khan

On April 29, the untimely demise of Bollywood star Irrfan Khan was a huge blow to the industry. This too happened at the time of lockdown due to coronavirus.

Irrfan Khan


The actor left the rest of the country in tears. Such a loss to the Bollywood industry is simply not repairable.

As the demise of Irrfan Khan happened amid the lockdown, not many people attended his funeral except directors Anurag Basu, Vishal Bharadwaj and Kapil Sharma.


The Demise of Rishi Kapoor

The demise of film actor Rishi Kapoor proved a double blow to the industry as it happened only a day after Irrfan Khan had breathed his last.

Rishi Kapoor


The industry had never expected this to happen at the same time when the country is already fighting with coronavirus pandemic.


Actors Committing Suicides

When the country was already in the state of mourning the demise of some great Bollywood actors as mentioned above, two television actors committed suicides.


Manmeet Grewal


The first one happened in the month of May when actor Manmeet Grewal committed suicide by hanging to a ceiling fan. He had no work amid lockdown and was also bearing the financial stress back on his mind.

Another suicide happened in the same month when the actress Preksha Mehta chose to commit suicide as she was fed up of her life.


Video of Kartik Aaryan Promoting Domestic Violence

Today, Kartik Aaryan has become one of the most eminent faces of the industry by giving back to back hit films.

kartik Aaryan


He is famous to upload a plenty of videos and pictures on his social media account to update his fans about the latest.

But after the actor posted a picture of his sister where he can be seen pulling her hair as she didn’t cook food as per his expectations.

In the video, he can be seen asking his sister to pull out of the balcony. But after the actor received huge backlash on the video he shared on his Instagram account, he quickly deleted the video.


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