Mohena Kumari Singh Discharged from Hospital Even After Testing Positive for COVID-19


More number of people has started admitting to hospitals with COVID-19 pandemic. This happened right after the government allowed some sort of relaxation in lockdown at various places in the country.

Amid such an epidemic, there are reports emerging that many of them are not being treated in proper ways and even have to face the hospital’s negligence.

TV actress Mohena Kumari Singh who was admitted to a hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 simply discharged from the hospital without being tested negative for the infection.

As per reports, the hospital discharged Moena after keeping her for 10 days without being given the full treatment.

Right now, the status is that not only the TV actress but her entire family that tested positive for Covid-19 have to take rest at their residence in Dehradun.

But the only dilemma for the family is that they are still covid-19 positive and waiting for their tests to turn negative as soon as possible.

The entire story came to highlight right after the actress revealed this via her Instagram account.

The actress posted a long note narrating about the fact that the virus still resides in her body even after she was given a discharge from the hospital.

She also says that for now, she is feeling much better than before and waiting for he tests to go negative.

It all happened after all 7 members of Mohena’s family had to be admitted to AIIMS, Rishikesh after they were tested positive for Covid-19.

Her family members includes father-in-law, mother-in-law. Amid the crisis, Mohena’s brother-in-law was tested negative that brings some respite for other family members as they can at least hope for the virus to fade away very soon.

The entire issue came to highlight after the actress posted a long note on Instagram narrating her story. It says, “Hi everyone! I’m back home… but we are still covid-19 positive. We are in complete isolation. We don’t know how long it will take to get the negative test. We were in the hospital for 10 days and I probably had the virus in my body 5 days before that… so hopefully a few more days and we will hopefully beat the virus. But till then we have to follow extremely strict rules. Nonetheless, we are all feeling much better health wise and in the mind too. Thanks for all the support once again.” (sic).

On one earlier occasion, Mohena chose to interact with one of her fans and explained her situation. She revealed that the presence of virus inside her body looks quite discouraging even though she was feeling much better.


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