Upcoming Horror Movies in 2016

 Before we update you with upcoming horror movies, let’s take a look at why this kind of genre has almost stopped exploring new 

The era we live in sometimes elicit an uncommon level of anticipation due to a plethora of upcoming horror movies. The basic idea that we are trying to explore here is to find those factors responsible attaining high levels of curiosity among horror movie fans. There was a time when the particular genre used to present specific content to the audiences.

Albeit, this never used to happen a low grade performance, but still diminishing in some specific flavors. For example, you can very well feel the screening of upcoming horror movies in the form of hideous Halloweens. Such films are scary and have been successful attaining the profound respect among viewers.

While discussing upcoming horror movies, we should never forget the roles of all those filmmakers who always tried to set their tune as per the audience tastes. One question that certainly strikes in minds is whether they reached the hideous pinnacle of perfection, they expected for all these decades? And what about those freaking nostalgic horror classics during the late 80s that were quite benign to compare? Well, one of the reasons responsible to make today’s horror flicks seem more scary in the presence of high-tech special effects.

If we try to scrutinise classic upcoming horror movies over the past 60 years or more, then we arrive at the conclusion about how they changed so horrifically. The eerie genre that we are discussing about having, no doubt, evolved from a cost effective low budget and cheesy special-effects-driven old classics to those hideous and gorily graphic masterpieces narrating a spooky tale. Some of the old and unbeatable films of the genre are Dracula, the Mummy, the wolf Man and so on. But if we analyse such great flicks in today’s perspective, they tend to fall way behind as what we call and understand horror today.

The year 2016 has already seen a plethora of successful horror films like The Conjuring 2, Don’t Breathe, The Shallows and many others. There are still 3 months left in the year to come to an end. Have a look at some of the upcoming horror movies that are yet to be screened before the year ends.

Upcoming horror movies yet to be screened:

The Black coat’s Daughter (September 30)

Movie Name:                                 The Black coat’s Daughter
Director:                                         Osgood Perkins
Release Date:                                 September 30, 2016 (USA)
Produced By:                                Rob Paris, Bryan Bertino, Robert Menzies, Adrienne Biddle
Cinematography:                             Julie Kirkwood
Casts:                                             Lucy Boynton, Emma Roberts, James Remar, Kiernan Shipka

image of one of the upcoming horror movies- The Blackcoat's Daughter


Movie Info: Written and directed by “Osgood Perkins” (son of Anthony Perkins). Anthony happens to be a psycho actor. This bloody disgusting upcoming horror movie stars Lucy Boynton (Kat) and Kiernan Shipka (Rose) studying in a small boarding school.

Both these girls find themselves in an awkward situation after their parents mysteriously failed to reach school to fetch them for a much sought winter break. Emma Roberts (Joan) who looks behaving differently than the other two girls. Joan chooses to travel to boarding school for mysterious and unknown reasons affecting kat with intense and terrifying visions.


Under the Shadow (October 7)

Movie Name:                           Under the Shadow
Director:                                    Babak Anvari
Release Date:                          October 07, 2016 (USA)
Produced By:                           Lucan Toh, Oliver Roskill, Emily Leo
Screenplay:                                Babak Anvari
Casts:                                    Narges Rashidi (Shideh), Bobby Naderi (Iraj), Arash Marandi


image of one of the upcoming horror movies-Under the Shadow
Image Source: dailydead.com

Movie Info: This enlists to be one of a kind and supremely tensed upcoming horror movies. It’s directed by an Iranian guy Babak Anvari. The movie is about an Iranian woman (Shideh) who gets trapped in an apartment along with her daughter in Tehran. It all happens after the Iran-Iraq war slowly starts encroaching towards their doorsteps. Her husband is not with them as he has been called to the front. Also, most of the city already evacuated due to the presence of shelling. In spite of all this menace, both shideh and her daughter can’t help themselves.

Now, Shideh is frustrating to get the answers and soon comes to know through a neighbour looking superstitious and says the cursed missile might have conveyed spirits (middle east spirits) that swiftly travel to the wind speed. She gets convinced soon that the building somewhat has a supernatural power trying to possess Dorsa. Now, Shideh is left with confronting these forces to save her.


Jack goes home (October 14)

Movie Name:                                                    Jack Goes Home
Director:                                                            Thomas Dekker
Release Date:                                                   October 14, 2016 (USA)
Produced By:                                          Jordan Yale Levine, Jason Rose, Thomas Dekker, Scott Levenson
Casts:                                                                   Britt Robinson, Rory Culkin, Nikki Reid, Lin Shaye

image of one of the upcoming horror movies-Jack Goes Home

Image Source: YouTube.com

Movie Info: This is another one finding its well deserved place in the upcoming horror movies category. The film looks flabbergasting and fresh. Jack (Rory Culkin) is a young lad who finds his dad is no more and then takes a decision to live his life with his mother. After he gets there, he suddenly discovers an audio recorder with his dad’s voice (with terror) in it. In the audio, he instructs him to go to the attic to unearth the facts. He finally goes there and this is where things really start getting creepy for him and his suspicious mother (Lin Shaye).


Ouija: Origin of Evil- (October 21)
Movie Name:                                   Ouija
Director:                                            Mike Flanagan
Release Date:                                  October 14, 2016 (USA)
Screenplay:                                     Jeff Howard, Mike Flanagan
Casts:                                                Henry Thomas, Annalise Basso, Elizabeth Reaser, Alexis G. Zall

image of one of the upcoming horror movies-Ouija

Movie Info: This one is a sequel as the first part of the film was much panned by critics. It’s again, waiting for its turn to be included in the list of upcoming horror movies. It’s the story of a widowed mother and her two daughters. They simply run a shady seance business where people get enrolled for a meeting to contact with the dead people.

All this happens in their dining room. When the mother (Elizabeth Reaser) gets a new Ouija board (meaning good luck) for an entirely new prop, the youngest daughter senses some malevolent powers.


31– (October 21) 

Movie Name:                                       31
Genre:                                                  Horror
Released Date:                                    October 21, 2016 (worldwide)
Directed By:                                          Rob Zombie
Written By:                                          Rob Zombie
Box Office Collection:                       $850,419.00.00
Duration:                                            103 minutes
Casts:                                                  Sheri Moon Zombie (as Charly), Malcolm McDowell (as Father                                                                                         Murder), Sandra Rosko


image of one of the upcoming-horror-movies-31

Movie Info-

It’s one of the upcoming horror movies where the whole idea is based on missing people during Halloween. The film is directed by Zombie who himself is known to create stories on Halloween. As per the plot, as many as five carnies are trapped by a bunch of weird looking guys who come forward doing Victorian make up and are in wigs.


Rings – (October 28)

Movie Name:                                               Rings
Director:                                                       F. Javier Gutiérrez
Release Date:                                              October 28, 2016 (USA)
Produced By:                                                Walter Parkes, Laurie MacDonald
Casts:                                            Alex Roe, Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Johnny Galecki, Bonnie Morgan


image of one of the upcoming horror movies-Rings


Movie Info: This one is really scary and adds to the list of upcoming horror movies to be released later this year. The story screens a young lady (Matilda Lutz) and her boyfriend (Alex Roe).

The lady seems so uncomfortable and worried after Alex finds a dark and mysterious subculture videotape saying that he would be killed within seven days after he has viewed it. Matilda sacrifices herself to save his life and soon discovers something horrifying as there is a movie within a movie, never seen by anyone before.


Shut In – (November 11)

Movie Name:                  Shut In
Director:                         Farren Blackburn
Release Date:                   November 11, 2016 (USA)
Written By:                      Christina Hodson
Casts:                               Jacob Tremblay, Charlie Heaton, Naomi Watts, Oliver Platt

image of one of the upcoming horror movies-Shut In
Image Source: dailymotion.com | Shut In- upcoming horror movies

Movie Info: If you are a die hard fan of upcoming horror movies, then the above story might influence you. Well, it talks about an accident in the life of a female psychologist that takes the life of her husband, leaving her son paralyzed. Following this, she makes her mind to lead an isolated life and cuts off from all during a deadly storm. She eventually starts believing that someone is there to harm them.


The Love Witch – (November 11)

Movie Name:                                  The Love Witch
Director:                                         Anna Biller
Release Date:                               November 11, 2016 (USA)
Produced By:                                Anna Biller
Casts:                                           Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Wayne), Samantha Robinson, Laura Waddell


image of one of the upcoming horror movies- The Love Witch
Image Source: fangoria.com

Movie Info: This is one of the upcoming horror movies showing a beautiful young witch, Elaine (Samantha Robinson). Her only dream is to find a man for making love. She lives in an apartment making potions and spells which helps her picking up men and eventually seducing them. She continues indulging in this act until she meets the man of her choice.


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The Eyes of My Mother (December 02)

Movie Name:                                             The Eyes of My Mother
Director:                                                         Nicolas Pesce
Release Date:                                             December 02, 2016 (USA)
Produced By:                                              Schuyler Weiss, Jacob Wasserman, Max Born
Casts:                                             Diane Agostini (Mother), Kika Magalhaes, Will Brill, Flora Diaz (Lucy)

image of one of the upcoming horror movies-The Eyes of My Mother
Image Source: YouTube.com

Movie Info: It’s all about a lonely young lady who has no choice but to live in the countryside. She gets consumed by her strange desires after a mysterious tragedy strikes. It enlists to be one of a kind upcoming horror movies which is more Gothic, eerie, gory, showing unbeatable and expressionistic scare and horror.

Incarnate (Decmber 02)

Movie Name:                                                         Incarnate
Director:                                                                 Brad Peyton
Written By:                                                            Ronnie Christensen
Release Date:                                                        December 02, 2016 (Worldwide)
Box office Collection:                                         $2,534,884.00
Casts:                                                                  Aaron Eckhart, Carice van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno

upcoming horror movies list-Incarnate poster

Movie Info: A single mom by the name ‘Carice van Houten’ witnesses some horrifying and demonic possessions in ‘David Mazouz’ who’s her 11 year old son. All As she wants now is to get rid of those evil spirits. Someone by the name ‘Catalina Sandino Moreno’ (Vatican representative) calls famous scientist Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart) to help the poor child. After analyzing in his own ways, Ember soon enters into David’s unconsious mind and tries to confront the most ferocious demon over there.

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