Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula- Full Movie Review

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Albeit, the movie didn’t initially release in theaters, still it was successful creating the actual portrait of traditional and horrific Dracula in the year 2000.

This small budget movie could have become like Francis Coppola’s Dracula, if it had been sanctioned a bigger budget or perhaps somebody else in place of ‘Jane March’ had played the role of ‘Elizabeta’.

In general, if you look at Vlad Dracula, he’s still remembered as a performer in the eyes of Romanian people.

If you tend to think about each character in the movie, then it’s quite evident to see ‘Rudolf Martin’ doing justice to his role and is successful capturing the more pensive view of the historical (15th century) warlord prince.

You must see this classic movie more if you have interest to know about Bram Stoker’s story. The movie revolves around Prince Vlad (Rudolf Martin) who not only hopes to free his entire kingdom from Turkish empire but also to avenge the killing of his father (a monarch).

In order to do so, he starts raising an army and eventually decides to go for a revolution by any means. He has no issues in blood shedding as well.

The story of the movie “Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula mostly revolves around ‘Vlad Tepes‘ (later became Vlad, the Impale).



The board of Greek priests has to decide the fate of life choices of Vlad as whether to excommunicate him or not. In the past, we saw him rescuing his entire kingdom from the hands of Turkish Turks.

It all happened in the past when both he and his younger brother Radu (are kidnapped by them. While they were still in their captivity, they become flabbergasted to learn their father has been killed.

Now, at this time, they release Vlad who’s the elder one. But his younger brother still remains behind. At this time, Vlad (who is released) meets Lidia (Jane March) in order to get some help from the king of Hungry.

But Lidia, who’s planning to join a nunnery before meeting Vlad, marries him instead.

Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula Movie Review: A True Story of Dracula Narrates A Much Intense Story

Vlad goes revolutionary and tries to take back the Romanian throne. He doesn’t waste time murdering all the corrupt officials (of his father’s time).

in order to restore the peace back. After he gets all the lost value of his empire, he earns the name of Vlad, the Impale.

This is the time when the era of order and peace begins. However, some still regard him as their messiah. On the other hand, all those Greek orthodox looking priests unanimously land to a decision that Vlad has become the Anti-Christ.

This is primarily because they think that Vlad has done some expedient alliance with none other than Romanian Catholic Church.

This is when Lidia again comes into the picture and after she observes the sense of Dracula (violent nature) of him, she becomes resistant and loses her mind. The film “Dark Prince:

The True Story of Dracula” is worth watch due to a plethora of reasons. For example, you have all the privilege to get into a better story line, awesome piece of acting along with some lovely and interesting European scenery.

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