Wonder Woman Collection Surges $223 Million At Global Box Office

Wonder Woman collection

Wonder Woman collection gets a grand opening with a whopping $223 million at the global box office. The film was released on June 1, 2017 and since then mounting high in reviews.

The movie is already in its opening phase and seems to have grabbed all the attention across the globe just after its release. It deserves all the praise getting from the audience. The film (at the moment) is doing better and getting exceptional reviews as compared to a few of the last year’s disappointing flicks- Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wonder woman collection has been phenomenal so far, making it a favorite as compared to all other superhero films released in the recent past. By looking at the numbers of domestic box office, we see the film couldn’t surpass some of the all time greatest hits that includes The Avengers (2012), Deadpool (2016), The Dark Knight (2008) but the gross collection of the movie, in fact managed to beat some other flicks including Iron Man

Wonder Woman collection
Wonder Woman collection | Image Credit: Screen Rant

(2008), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), The Dark Knight (2008) and both Thor movies.

Well, what we have analyzed about sequels, so far is that they tend to perform better than their first installment. This proves quite legitimate when we discuss about most superhero movie franchises. Wonder woman collection at the opening weekend has proved beyond doubt that a sequel can well become a hit for the female dominant franchises as well.

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The movie seems to have another feather in the cap as it has already broken the record of the most successful opening weekend directed by a woman. Well, as per the stats, director Patty Jenkins snatched the record from none other than Sam Taylor-Johnson for the 2015 released- Fifty Shades of Grey ($85.1 million).

Wonder Woman collection
Wonder Woman collection | Image Credit: Screen Rant

Before the release of Wonder Woman, Jenkins featured Monster that was made on a budget of almost $8 million and was released over a decade ago.

Gal Gadot is seen in the movie as a leading star. She’s better portrayed as a titular hero. She’s an actress from Israel who’s remembered for her performance in yet another mega hit franchise- Fast and Furious. Gadot made her debut as a Diana Prince in the movie-Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, take a look at Wonder Woman collection- India (day 3) and budget.

Wonder Woman collection in India (day 3) and budget

Gal Gadot starring in the film received thunderous collection at the box office in India. The film was released in as many as 349 screens in English only.

Total collection-

9.04 crore (Net)

World wide Wonder Woman collection- $223 million, out of which $100 million was from the USA box office alone. Take a look at the collection on 1st, 2nd and 3rd days:

Wonder Woman collection
Wonder Woman collection | Image Credit: Comic Book
  • Third day collection- Rs 3.48 crore
  • Second day collection- Rs 3.50 crore
  • First day collection- Rs 2.06 crore

On the basis of reviews, it can be asserted that the movie easily crushed Baywatch with a collection of Rs 3.5 crore. It happened even after the series stars Priyanka Chopra with a release in as many as 4 languages.

Wonder Woman registered a spectacular growth of almost 50% from Friday-Saturday.

Well, if we talk about the US market, the film has already collected over $100 million on its opening weekend. Whereas, the rest of the world, the film managed to gross $42 million mark.


Wonder Woman was made on a budget of over $120 million and has been released in 349 screens in India.