Wonder Woman 2 Release Date, Movie Plot, Cast and Everything Else You Want to Know

wonder woman 2
wonder woman 2

Before we update you with wonder woman 2 release date, cast and everything else, let’s take a look at some more details about the franchise.

As you guys are already aware that wonder woman happens to be a 2017 released American superhero movie. The film is entirely related to the same character in DC comics and is distributed by none other than Warner Bros. and Pictures.

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 The movie is the 4th installment in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). Well, you might be interested in knowing about the direction and making of the film.


wonder woman 2
wonder woman 2 | Image Credit: Screen Rant


Well, we would like to make you aware that Wonder woman is directed by none other than Patty Jenkins. The screenplay in the movie is given by Allan Heinberg. It was actually done from a story by Zack Snyder, Heinberg and Jason Fuchs.


Movie Name:                      Wonder Woman (2017)
Genre:                                    Science Fiction, Action and Adventure
Release Date:                     June 2, 2017 (worldwide)
Directed By:                       Patty Jenkins
Written By:                        Geoff Johns, Allan Heinberg
Casts:                                   Gal Gadot, David Thewlis, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen


The film stars no one else than Gal Gadot (Diana Prince) as wonder woman along with other leading casts including Danny Huston, Chris Pine, Saïd Taghmaoui, Elena Anaya and Connie Nielsen.

Wonder woman happens to be the 2nd movie that featured her titular character. It shows the story of Diana (daughter of Hippolyta). She has nowhere to go and therefore has to live on the Amazon island of Themyscira. It later shows how she rescues spy Steve Trevor and American pilot after they mysteriously crashes offshore. And it is when he tells Amazons about the horrifying world war.

As soon as Diana comes to know about all this, she starts thinking that the war is being caused only by someone who happens to be an old enemy of Amazons. And this is when she decides to leave her home in order to end the ongoing conflict.


Wonder woman movie development

Well, the development of the wonder woman movie was first began in the year 1996 but Jenkins decided to sign on to direct the film only in the year 2015.

The first process that started taking place is the photography that began on November 21, 2015 itself. The movie was filmed at some well known places like Italy, France and United Kingdom. It all happened before they all wrapped it on May 9, 2016.


wonder woman 2
wonder woman 2 | Image Credit: MovieWeb


You might be aware of the fact that wonders woman was premiered on May 15, 2017 for the first time and was released on June 2, 2017 in the US. This was the film that was praised by millions across the world and even received hundreds of positive reviews from the audience. They specially liked the work of wonder woman (Gal Gadot) and Pine, along with the production and direction.

In the short time frame, the film shattered a plethora of box office records both in the domestic and international markets. It even received overwhelming reviews from the film critics in America. Soon it became a superhero film that happened to be the 6th highest grossing superhero movie. If we go by the figures, we can very well say that it became the 22nd highest grossing movie in the United States itself.

The film managed to gross well over $822 million worldwide. With such a huge success, it became the 10th highest grossing movies of 2017.

Now, we would like to update you with Wonder woman 2 release dates, plot, cast and much more. Please stay tuned.


Wonder Woman 2 release date and star cast

Wonder woman 2 is currently under production and the sequel will be released most probably in November 2019. However, the exact dates are still not finalized. Now, updating you on wonder woman 2, we would like to share you the fact that wonder woman was managed to gross almost $390 million at the US box office only.

And no one can deny the fact that the film happened to be one of the biggest blockbusters. Now, with so much success, there are no surprises left and we can very well expect that Gal Gadot might be donning her cape again, while returning to the screens just like an Amazonian princess. Now, please take a look about Wonder woman 2 that we know about till date:


Wonder Woman 2 Release Date

Well, as per the recent updates, wonder woman 2 will be released not earlier than November 2019.


wonder woman 2
wonder woman 2 | Image Credit: SlashGear


It was initially billed for December 13, 2019, but now, has been moved forward to November 1, 2019. Till date, no trailer of wonder woman has been revealed.


Wonder Woman 2 Cast

As far as Wonder woman 2 cast is concerned, we only know that Warner Bros have recently announced that Gal Gadot is again going to return and will play the title role in the sequel as well.

As per Screen Rant, Chris Pine will also be returning in the sequel but it is still not clear and we can’t tell you precisely if he is in fact, returning in the sequel.

Lately, Jetkins confirmed on Twitter by posting “I’m so excited to confirm a special thrilling news. I’m feeling incredibly lucky to welcome none other than Kristen Wiig in the family of wonder woman 2. I can’t wait longer to work with one of my favourites. Also, I feel so excited to work as what we have planned.”

Please note that it was in 1943 when Kristen wiig was first introduced in the squad of wonder woman 2 comic books. But the very popular iteration of that particular character was arrived only in the year 1987 in the form of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva.

As you know that the director of wonder woman 2 will be returning to make the sequel, this is what he expressed his views to Entertainment Weekly “Well, it’s a beautiful story to narrate, a crucial time to narrate and with those whom I love.”

Geoff Johns, who happens to be the co-chairman of DC Films even confirmed the news that he is going to be involved. This is what he told to Yahoo movies “Presently, I’m working on the script of wonder woman 2.”

As per some initial reports that suggested that Gal Gadot won’t be featuring in the sequel in the presence of Brett Ratner. This is because Ratner’s name has been involved in the sexual assault, as was reported earlier.

However, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Gadot will have to feature regardless of Brett’s involvement. Well, time will only tell what is going to happen next.


Wonder Woman 2 Plot

Well, we don’t really know the exact wonder woman 2 plots but Patty Jenkins has shared a few ideas regarding the making and story line of the sequel. This is what she has to say to Entertainment Weekly “The plot is going to take place in the US itself which I think is quite justified. She’s none other than wonder woman and got to come all the way to America.”

Jetkins, while speaking to the Variety‘s Playback podcast revealed “the story of wonder woman 2 will feature yet another love story. She also said that wonder woman 2 is going to be a great sequel and will be a little funny apart from being a great love story again. Also, a couple of new characters in the movie who are going to be very different aqs compared to the last movie.”