Why Sunny Leone Documentary Not to Be Released In India

Sunny Leone documentary
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‘Sunny Leone’ is one name that is ruling the entire Bollywood. Sunny’s become favourite for most directors not only to make movies, glamorous, but also of her rising popularity graph.

In the recent past, Sunny Leone Documentary has been under much anticipation. After her grand success in Bollywood, there were lots of speculations about her documentary to be released shortly in India.

At the same time, it has come to light that Bollywood siren is against the release of the upcoming documentary on her life, ‘Mostly Sunny in India’, as she feels it does not do justice to her story.

Sunny, observes that if the documentary based on her life releases in India, it would solve no purpose. This is one of the biggest reasons why she doesn’t want it to get released in the country.

On its release in India, she says the documentary (Mostly Sunny) doesn’t get released here as it’s not related to her story. It’s somebody else’s vision and opinion.

What Sunny Leone documentary is all about?

The name of the Sunny Leone documentary is ‘Mostly Sunny’. It entirely charts her life. It’s shown that she was born as Karenjit Kaur in Ontario (USA). Since childhood, she has been a part of the very orthodox Sikh family.

Talking about her emergence as a huge star serving the adult movies across the globe. And then her subsequent breakthrough in the Indian entertainment industry (Bollywood) as the mainstream film career, she has a different opinion altogether on why it shouldn’t be released here in India.

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The reason Leone gives about the book not to be released in the country is enough to stop any kind of controversy right there. She says as it’s far less than a movie on her life and more of “somebody else’s opinion.

She further says that it’s based on my life and I should have every right to decide on the issue. She’s quick to add further that no one should have the right or authority to speak out your life story except anyone else.