Salman Khan to Perform Action Thrilled Stunts At Live Events At Dubai

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If you’re a ‘Salman Khan’ fan, you would probably like to grab all the action coming in from your favourite superstar.

This time, he again makes news, coming directly from Dubai. ‘Salman’ will be seen again in his most appealing ‘Chulbul Pandey’ role taken from one of his hits “Dabangg”.

He would be a part of live events and perform some stunts as titled ‘Dabangg’. The live concert is going to happen in Bollywood parks, Dubai.

Salman Khan occasionally takes part in the live events, as his name includes, among the fittest of actors in the entire Bollywood.

Now, Bollywood park in Dubai happens to be one of the first and most famous inspired parks.

It comes under Dubai resorts where Salman Khan has to perform. He will be seen along with Arbaaz who was seen playing the role of his brother in the 2010 released film.

Salman introduces the audiences, (as shown in the video) and gears to start a spectacular stunt performance in live events.

The superstar reflects his love to get into the Chulbul Pandey role. He further says that as soon as he acquires the uniform and mustache, his voice gets changed along with his gut and overall personality.

At this, Arbaaz says that no one could have played the role of a cop (as ‘Chulbul Pandey’) better than him. He always enacts better than the script demands.

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The stunt will be set in an abandoned warehouse and all the attraction will end up in the adventure with Chulbul (police officer).

The next shot would screen him rescuing ‘Rajjo’ (the role played by ‘Sonakshi Sinha’ earlier) along with her friends from fictitious goons. ‘Shujaat Saudagar’ is the one who directed the live events. It’s expected that the show is going to be full of drama and action.

When someone asked about the details of the events from Salman, he said to wait for some action and funny, but weird dance performances, full of humour.

Both Arbaaz and Salman shot the video and praised each other in being creative and giving justice to their roles as and when they’re asked to perform. The park is expected to open from October 31.