TWICE Explores Love & Self-Discovery In New Reflective EP ‘With YOU-th’: Album Review


South Korea’s influential female group TWICE consistently captivates listeners with their dance-pop anthems. Known for crafting songs that instantly resonate with audiences, TWICE has evolved from a cute girl group with bubbly tunes to artists who connect with a global audience on themes of self-love and matured love.

In 2024, TWICE started the year strong with their track “I Got You,” which garnered millions of views upon its release. They followed this success with their 13th mini-album, “With YOU-th,” featuring six tracks, including the lead single “One Spark,” released on February 23, 2024.

Once again, TWICE demonstrated their songwriting talents by contributing to the composition of several tracks on the mini-album.

The group’s 13th mini-album, “With YOU-th,” displays the members’ songwriting abilities. Let’s delve deeper into the mini-album’s track list and compositions by TWICE.


TWICE Explores Love & Self-Discovery In New Reflective EP ‘With YOU-th’: Album Review



TWICE’s latest EP kicks off with the pre-release single “I Got You.” This track radiates with the signature TWICE charm in terms of its music, lyrics, and visuals.

The girls are seen dancing around rocky and sunlit shores, making promises and affirmations of an unwavering love and support for each other, and by extension, for their fans.

The song is high-spirited from start to finish, reminiscent of the group’s previous releases like “I Can’t Stop Me.” The percussions are constant and prominent throughout the track, with a slight pause during the bridge. It’s nearly impossible not to get up and dance to the infectious tunes as the song begins.






TWICE’s “I Got You” exudes their signature charm in music, lyrics, and visuals. The energetic and vibrant music video features the girls dancing on rocky and sunlit shores, conveying promises and affirmations of unyielding love and support for one another, and by extension, for their fans.

The song maintains TWICE’s upbeat style, akin to their previous releases such as “I Can’t Stop Me.” The percussion remains continuous and prominent throughout, with a slight pause during the bridge. The track’s upbeat nature is infectious, making it impossible for listeners not to groove along.



The emotions that began sweet and innocent in the first track take a bolder turn with “Rush”. The lyrics embody a sense of urgency as the girls sing, “I need to feel your rush, when you are next to me I am running out of mind.”



This song exudes a cinematic atmosphere, complemented by its dynamic beats and lively tempo. There’s a palpable sense of urgency and exhilaration as the track progresses, reflecting the exuberance conveyed in the lyrics.

As the girls sing, “I need to feel your rush, when you are next to me I am running out of mind,” the energetic rhythm and engaging melody drive the song forward, capturing the essence of the emotions being portrayed.


The track “Bloom” employs the metaphor of blossoming flowers and a touch of magic, with the girls singing about becoming someone irreplaceable and understanding their partner’s needs.

Throughout the song, there is a persistent rhythm provided by Latin guitars. The song also subtly references their earlier track “Moonlight Sunrise,” with Jihyo singing, “Twice the magic of the sun and moon…”. “Bloom” has a nostalgic feel, with its catchy choruses and breaks in the bridge, reminiscent of the early 2010s era.



The EP, titled “With YOU-th,” is filled with youthful energy and a refreshing outlook on love and relationships.

The lyrics of the songs convey a sense of confidence and trust in one’s partner, with the closing track, “You Get Me,” focusing on the reassurance and support a partner provides. The disco rhythm of the song adds a sense of joy and celebration to the album, underscoring the themes of love and companionship.

Overall, the album showcases TWICE’s growth and maturity as artists, with their signature bubblegum pop sound taking on a more sophisticated and nuanced form.

The album’s title, “With YOU-th,” cleverly plays on the idea of unity in youth, reflecting the group’s journey and experiences as they navigate love and life. From the upbeat energy of “I Got You” to the introspective “You Get Me,” the album offers a diverse range of emotions and experiences, making it a fitting soundtrack for various moods and moments.

It’s noteworthy how TWICE is increasingly skilled at singing both Korean and English fluently, as their improvement in English vocals is evident in this recent release.

As the year progresses, TWICE makes a striking impression, affirming their identity as a group capable of effortlessly moving between languages and musical genres.





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