Tom Hanks Yells At Fans After They Cause Wife Rita to Trip

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It proved quite an awkward moment when Hollywood star Tom Hanks lost his cool at fans who asked his wife Rita Wilson to trip.

This almost made her fall on the ground while doing that. Looking at that, Hanks got so angry that he shouted them to “back the f**k off,”.

It all happened on Wednesday (June 15, 2022) when the couple was about to sit in their SUV waiting for them. They were seen moving out from a building. And this is when a bodyguard was spotted who was trying to guide them past the swarming fans.

Tom Hanks Got Furious to Fans Who Caused His Wife to Trip

This was when Tom Hanks was seen to move a person who was wearing a backpack out of the way after he just fell behind a few yards from his wife.

At this time, Wilson was seen to get tripped by a fan who was standing just behind her. And it was when Tom Hanks let them all have it.

Later, the Hollywood star was seen shouting and saying, “Guys, this is my wife. Back the f**k off!” he shouted miserably.

This was when the Oscar winning actor beelined it to the SUV. At this time, Hanks was seen stared down the fans and added, “Knocking over my wife?!”

Very soon, fans who were gathered in large numbers were tow admonished by the paparazzi who actually caused the mishap and then finally apologized to Hanks. But the star was still furious who didn’t bother to acknowledge them and walked away in his SUV.

It’s still not learnt what actually made the couple to reach Big Apple. One reason may be he was there to promote his upcoming film ‘Elvis’.


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