Tom Cruise’s Co-Star Simon Pegg Reveals Him Landing A Helicopter In His Garden

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As per the latest Hollywood news, Tom Cruise flew his helicopter in the garden of Simon Pegg for a Mission Impossible 7 viewing. After the above update came, fans were able to know how much Hollywood hunk likes to fly a helicopter.

It all happened earlier when the Top Gun star landed himself in the family garden in the UK as the local airport was closed due to some reasons.

When the incident actually happened, the house owners had absolutely no idea that Tom was inside the helicopter.


Tom Cruise’s Co-Star Simon Pegg Reveals Him Landing A Helicopter In His Garden

This is not the only incident. In fact, there are several other incidents that also came forth. In one such incident, cruise also flew the helicopter when he travelled for the shooting of M18 in the country like South Africa. He stunned his fans when he actually landed in style at a golf course in helicopter.

Tom Cruise is a famous Hollywood personality who has all the love and respect from his fans. It looks quite obvious that a personality like Tom Cruise likes to do bold scenes very much like that of Ethan Hunt.

But now, when the Mission Impossible star landed in the garden of his co star Simon Pegg, it again became a controversy. And this is what Simon Pegg had told while speaking with Square Mile. The Hollywood star also talked about his 15 year old friendship with Tom.

Simon Pegg, while narrating the incident described how Tom Cruise landed to view Mission Impossible 7. This is what he said, “[Cruise] landed his f**ing chopper in my garden just before Christmas and came round for a cup of tea… He’d always buzz the house as he went over – so we’d run into the garden and wave. It was really silly! Hey guys, just to let you know, Tom Cruise will be flying a helicopter into my back garden later. You might want to keep an eye on the horses,” he said.

Fans are known to have been waiting for the release of MI7 & 8 as the film had to face a number of delays due to COVID-19 pandemic. The film is expected to hit the screen in 20213, while the later is expected to get released in 2024.

Another thing which has come out in the middle throws some light on Tom Cruise. It’s being said that Mission Impossible 7 & 8 might be his last venture as Ethan Hunt. Like everytime, fans are expecting the film will be full of stunts.


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