This Bollywood Star Drove Taxi for 3 Years Before Making His Debut

randeep hooda

Can you guess the name of a present Bollywood star who drove taxi for over 3 years before making his debut in the film industry?


We’re talking about Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda who has been in the entertainment industry for so long. But very few people might be aware that he had to work at different places to earn his living before finally moving to the film industry.

If you are one of the fans of Randeep Hooda, you might be aware that he debuted from his film Monsoon Wedding (2001). But this film couldn’t attain all the success he was looking for.

Hooda finally got his fame from Once Upon A Time In Mumbai (2010). Today, the actor’s name is well recognized not just in Indian cinema but also on the international arena.

But like other actors, he also had to go through the phase of struggle in his early days. As per what he shared on his Instagram handle, Hooda drove taxi in Australia for over 3 years before making it to Bollywood.

Before finally entering the world of cinema, Hooda chose to pursue his post graduation in Australia. From the very beginning, he had a knack of acting back in his mind. 

During his initial struggle in Australia, he had to do various part time jobs during his post graduation days. It also included driving a taxi for over 3 years. He also worked as a waiter at a Chinese restaurant. He also washed cars and dishes for his survival as well.


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Randeep Hooda On His Early Days

Although, Randeep Hooda had to engage in various other activities to sustain his living, he was always keen towards making a career in acting.

And so, he had a positive approach right from the beginning. The actor recently posted an old picture where he can be seen posing with a poster of the 1976 release film Taxi Driver.

In the picture he posted, he can be seen wearing a checked shirt with a warm jacket. The purpose of him sharing the picture depicting old days was to mention that he was always dedicated towards making acting career.



This is what he wrote, The Highway star wrote, “Where to mate? Inspirations and dreams of the younger me in Cinema. still as inspiring !! So, much so, that I drove Taxis for 3 years, night shift, in Melbourne, Australia.”

Randeep Hooda’s Early Days In Bollywood

After a decent stay in Australia and working for many years, Randeep Hooda finally returned to India in 2000. Soon after coming back to India, he first started working for an airline company.

At the same time, he was also pursuing his passion which was none other than taking part in various plays along with continuing his modelling career. This was when renowned filmmaker Mira Nair spotted him and told him to give audition for her film Monsoon Wedding.

Even after Randeep Hooda managed to grab the leading role in Monsoon Wedding, it took him another four years to prove his worth.

The actor struggled further and once again made everybody think about his supporting role in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Later, he starred in various other films like Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, Jism 2 and Jannat 2.

Not only that, the actor also starred opposite Alia Bhatt in Highway. He also got immense fame in another film Sarabjit (2016) opposite Aishwarya Rai.

Today, Randeep Hooda is known to have garnered an international fame, especially after grabbing an international project titled Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth.


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