The Kashmir Files: Truth of Brutalities Scarier Than What’s Shown In the Film, Says Retired IPS officer

the Kashmir files

The Kashmir Files has become so popular that every common man wants to watch the film. It’s not just a film but something connected to our lives. The very fact of brutalities of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990’s which has been showcased in the film is making everyone to give his opinion after watching the film.

One such review has come from a retired IPS (Indian Police Service) officer who says that he worked at number of sensitive positions in the valley during the masker and the truth is quite scarier than what has been shown in the film.

The retired IPS officer and an author Author Dr NC Asthana recently penned a heart filled note right after watching The Kashmir Files. After he took to his Twitter handle to affirm that gruesome violence in 1990 that actually haunted Kashmiri Hindus is scarier as compared to what we have seen in the film.



Truth of Brutalities Scarier Than What’s Shown In The Kashmir Files

In his long and heartfelt note, he has also mentioned regarding the massacres of Hindus in J&K that happened years after genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. But now, everything has been washed away in history.

This is what he wrote on Twitter, “Those who have any problem with the censor-cleared Kashmir Files, are free to boycott it or make another film to refute it,” In his letter, he narrated all small and major incidents that happened during that time in the valley.

“I have worked in Kashmir in very sensitive and responsible positions since the early 1990s-I know the truth is scarier than what is shown,” he added.

He said that there are many of his colleagues who are the witness of this genocide but are currently not in a position to narrate the entire incident. It’s mainly because the Secrets Act restricts Government officials to share any information related to the defence and security of the country.

“That is the tragedy of governance. The public can have only an artistic version, not an official one,” he added.

As per Dr. Asthana, the militancy in Kashmir had 3 versions. One of them is Military which is linked to security and police. The other one is Insurrectional that are intended to organize strikes.

On the other hand, the communal dimension basically attacks on attacks on civilians and people hailing from other religion and community that are mainly non-Muslims.

He also wrote about Islamic Militancy in Kashmir which he says is a continuous project. He also spoke about genocide was not the isolated event.

He also wrote about an incident about a school teacher in Srinagar who was shot dead right after Non-Muslim and Muslim teachers were segregated.

In another incident, a 68 year old Makhan Lal Bindroo was killed Islamic terrorists.

Asthana also listed out so many massacres after Kashmiri Hindu Genocide happened in 1990 where innocent Hindus were killed by Islamic violence in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

Wandhama massacre of 1998

There happened several massacre before and after the tragic events of 1990. Wandhama is basically a town in Ganderbal of J&K. In the year 1998, the town witnessed the killing of 25 Hindus including 9 women and 4 children. For the above act, Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba took the responsibility.

As per a testimony, the killing happened after a gunman came while dressed in Indian Army and visited the households of Hindus to have tea. They gunned them with Kalashnikov rifles.


Massacre of Amarnath pilgrims in 2000

It was in the year 2000 when the killing of 89-105 devotees in Amarnath unearthed. It happened at the time of pilgrimage yatra on August 1-2. In the entire incident, almost 60 people were injured in different incidents or attacks that were carried out by separatist militants in Doda and Anantnag districts.


Attacks on Raghunath temple in Jammu

Like other attacks, Raghunath temple in Jammu witnessed as many as 2 attacks during March and November 2002. It’s known that 2 suicide bombers attacked the temple. The above attack killed 11 people including 3 security personnel. It also injured 20 others.

In the same way, there are so many other massacres happened in the past which were made to hide from the people of the country.


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