The Devil In the White City Movie Release Date and Cast 2017

the devil in the white city movie release date

The Devil In the White City movie release date and castBefore presenting you with The Devil In the White City movie release date and cast, let’s take a look at the upcoming movie in detail.

The film is going to be Martin Scorsese’s next with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who will be playing the role of a charismatic doctor turned serial killer who has charged for murdering as many as 200 people.

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Both Leonardo and Martin appeared together in the film -“The Wolf of Wall Street”, and now looking forward to their present project which is an adaptation of the novel of Erik Larson. The book talks about the murder, madness and magic.

It also narrates the story that almost changed the entire America for more than one year. Leonardo has already purchased the movie rights of the book (by Erik Larson) in 2010, presenting some events much in a fictional style.


the devil in the white city movie release date
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Movie Name:                                        The Devil In the White City
Genre:                                                     Thriller, Drama
Released Date:                                     TBA 
Directed By:                                         Martin Scorsese
Written By:                                          Billy Ray
Produced By:                                      Leonardo DiCaprio, Stacey Casts:                                                     Leonardo DiCaprio (playing as Daniel Burnham)


The film will be an adaptation of Erik Larson’s novel that talks about the stories revolving around the “World Colombian Exposition- 1893”.

It showcases the real life character named H.H. Holmes- the first most anticipated serial killer in America.

Movie Plot- The Devil In the White City movie release date is not confirmed as of now but will be soon announced.

The story revolves around the lives of two people who are credited of turning the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 into a playground.


The Devil In the White City movie release date- DiCaprio & Scorsese reunite for 2017 release

One of the two persons was Daniel who’s an architect, credited for the fair’s construction. in a short span of time. He was forced to overcome as many obstacles coming his way to construct the white city around which it was built.

The other one is named H Holmes, who’s nothing more than a serial killer. Not only that, he’s masquerading like a charming senior doctor and is responsible for committing a plethora of murders exactly around the time of the fair. 


DiCaprio & Scorsese Unite Again for America’s Top Serial Killer

As we updated you in the above text that both Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have decided to bring back Larson’s most popular book named ‘The Devil in the White City’ to the silver screen.

The book tells an unforgettable story of a serial killer who is none other than H.H. Holmes.

The kind of act he does is something unimaginable. He builds a kind of torture chambers hotel and tries to prey on young ladies who join to attend the world Fair in Chicago in the year 1893.

The duo has decided to narrate the story written in the book in creative ways to the silver screen.

The story is going to be about H.H.Holmes- The first serial killer of America. The reason why this movie has been favorite among the audience is mainly because DiCaprio is playing the role of Holmes (the Devil).


the devil in the white city movie release date
Mugshot of serial killer H.H. Holmes taken in 1894

As per the reports pouring in, the upcoming movie will reveal how Holmes had a deep knowledge of medicine.

He was actually a scientist of sorts. He even had the facility of a lab along with a crematorium right into his basement. Most of the times, he liked to torture all his victims way too brutally that no one would ever like to believe.

In order to torture his victims, he first had to strip of their flesh after boiling them down and then finally sold them in the form of skeleton to the universities and medical colleges.

The reason why he first abducted all those young ladies from the famous world’s fair in Chicago and then murdered them brutally is just because he enjoyed doing all this.

One thing that came to the surface about those women who surprisingly disappeared from the world’s fair is that they were all alone and had never traveled this far alone.

The Chicago fair actually attracted all those young ladies who had never experienced to be away from their homes. And this is how they became an easy target for someone like Holmes.

In order to act like Holmes, DiCaprio must be taking it as a challenge. This is because it is never easy to portray such kind of roles on the silver screen. By looking at him, it seems that DiCaprio is all set to take it as a challenge.



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