The Casting of ‘Mean Girls’ Star Avantika In the Live-Action Adaptation of ‘Tangled’ Ignites Online Controversy

Avantika Mean Girls

Avantika, who stars in ‘Mean Girls’ had to go through backlash due to some risky casting. Although, Avantika has already given her clarification about the same, she continues to face intense feeling of her fans. The dispute highlights the fervent atmosphere within fan communities as Disney falls into live-action measures of its animated classics.


There have been rumors from the audience discussing about their desired animated films turning into live action ones.

In the recent past, we have seen an intense buzz where the audience didn’t bother to tangle into a live-action movie. The discussions were held online where people argued and even got excited.

It all happened in February 2020, when DisInsider shared updates regarding a live-action ‘Tangled’ movie. And this made people a choice to wonder if this could actually happen.

From the very beginning, it looked as if Florence Pugh is going to play Rapunzel. But it was never confirmed from Disney.

After that things started to settle down with the saying that Avantika from Mean Girls might grab the role, it contributed a lot of spark online in the form of ignited comments for Avantika mainly because she had Indian roots.


The Casting of ‘Mean Girls’ Star Avantika In the Live-Action Adaptation of ‘Tangled’ Ignites Online Controversy


When the controversy spiked, Avantika responded that she’s not starring in the Tangled movie as she’s working in another Disney project. It was announced in November 2022. But rumors continued to surface even after she explained her stance.

It simply shows the behavior of fans online who sometimes fail to respect the person. On the other hand Disney is looking forward to create some real-life versions of its cartoon characters. This is how people continue to share their views online about their respective choices to play Disney characters.

Still, it’s not clear if Avantika will actually play Rapunzel. But it looks clear that people do care about Disney characters and stories.


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