Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide: Sooraj Pancholi’s Mother Zarina Wahab Comes to His Son’s Rescue

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide: After hundreds of unconfirmed reports targeted Sooraj Pancholi for his alleged involvement into the Sushant Singh suicide case, his mother Zarina Wahab has come to his rescue.

Zarina told to the PTI that his son has no connection in this case and he is being targeted for no reason. Also Read: Dil Bechara: Friend Mukesh Chhabra Remembers Sushant Singh Rajput’s Beautiful Smile

She also said that both her son and Sushant happened to be good friends and she never heard of anything unusual between them.

The veteran actress also called her son helpless and complained those who are targeting him for no reason. She also stated that those who are unnecessarily targeting him must be having spare time to cook up such stories. Also Read: 5 Big Things Happened in Bollywood During The Coronavirus Lockdown

She also denied reports that say Sooraj has some link ups with Sushant’s ex manager.

During her entire conversation with PTI, Zarina maintained the fact that people are cooking up stories on various social media platforms and nobody is able to stop this nuisance. Also Read- Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out at Mukesh Bhatt for Making Inappropriate Comments

This is what she said, “People are unnecessarily dragging Sooraj into this. They just need a helpless person to blame everything for. He has nothing to do with Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. People are just cooking stories.

Sooraj and Sushant were not ‘friends’ as such but they knew each other and they spoke to each other cordially whenever they met. They called each other ‘brother’.” 

Well, this is not the first time that Zarina has come out in the middle to support her son. She had done the same to rescue Sooraj for his alleged involvement in the Jia Khan suicide case. Also Read: Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case: Twitterati Demand A CBI Probe Into the Case

Zaria looked affirmed while presenting her views on this. This is what she disclosed, “It is not right to take advantage of someone’s helpless situation. People do not fear anybody. I think people have too much free time to do these kinds of things. It is easy to sit behind a computer and talk about people. They don’t think about how these things will affect the concerned person. Sooraj has already gone through so much in his life. How can someone kill someone whom he has known only for a few months?” she stated. On an earlier occasion, Sooraj had completely denied the rumours of his alleged links with Disha who committed suicide in the month of June. Sooraj had told reporters that he never heard of her name ever before.

Right from the time Sushant Sigh Rajput suicide took place, there has been so many conspiracy theories emerging from everywhere.

In the meanwhile, Sushant’s family members keep demanding a CBI probe into the case. Also Read: Nana Patekar Becomes the First Bollywood Celebrity to Visit Sushant Singh Rajput’s Family In Patna


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