Sunny Leone Enlists Among BBC’s 100 Most Influential Personalities

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone In Beimaan Love | Image Credit:

Sunny Leone has been in Bollywood for almost half a decade now. Ever since Sunny entered into the biz world, she became successful within a short span of time.

Sunny is not only known as one of the famous Bollywood personalities but also due to her gorgeous looks and amazing figure.

Well, this time she’s not in the news due to her destructive looks but because of her inclusion in the list of BBC’s 100 most influential women.

The year 2016 embarks the 4th year of the season that lists most influential women across the globe.

If you look at the list, all women who represent BBC’s list of 100 most influential women also represent a mixture of high profile women that include engineers, business women, working class, fashion.

The lists also includes some others who are entrepreneurs and famous artists in their own field.

Sunny Leone is seen celebrating her fifth year of working in the entertainment industry.

She still remembers her debut in Bollywood almost five years back when she had no films in her bucket. But then she worked hard and proved her worth and managed to grab a bunch of them in her kitty.

Sunny Leone also got the credit of delivering a few hits that created ripples among people’s hearts.

They include none other than “Jackpot”, “Jism 2”, “Ek Paheli Leela”, among others. The list doesn’t end here. She has done many other films that proved a hit at the box office.

On the other hand, the list given by the BBC, also included some other Indian names (apart from Sunny Leone) that include Mallika Srinivasan (Chennai), Gouri Chindarkar (Sangli), Gouri Chindarkar (Sangli), Mallika Srinivasan (Chennai), Neha Singh (Mumbai) and Saalumarada Thimmakka (Karnataka) and Neha Singh (Mumbai). This is a list of 4 Indians who were among BBC’s 100 most influential women.

The list not only features Sunny Leone but also includes 4 other Indians

Now, let’s discuss a bit about all 4 women who included in the list as the most influential women (as per the BBC).

Chindarkar’, hails from Sangli, Maharashtra and is a computer science engineering student.

She’s just 20 years of age and is known to be the first to experience unique learning which is also known as ‘School in the Cloud’.

Srinivasan, who’s 57 years of age, is currently the CEO of her own company by the name Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd.

Her company happens to be the third largest manufacture of high class tractors across the world.

In the same way, Singh, who’s 34 years of age, happens to be an avid writer and actor.

She’s credited to have started a movement for all women to encourage them to walk through the streets of Mumbai to defy any sort of harassment.

Last but not the least, Thimmakka, who happens to be the famous environmentalist from Karnataka is credited to have planted no less than 8000 trees in a span of 80 years. She’s one of the most influential person across the globe.

When contacted Sunny Leone, who’s lucky to be named in the list, she was all praise and showed her gratitude towards Salman khan and many other actors.

Among others. One such woman included songwriter and singer by the name -Alicia Keys.

The BBC’s new season of most influential people. Which has already been kicked off on Monday.