The Mummy 2017 Trailer- Watch Tom Cruise Resurrected While Battling With Ultimate Evil

the mummy 2017 trailer
the mummy 2017 trailer | Image Credit:CraveOnline

The Mummy 2017 Trailer (final part) has been released by Universal showing Tom Cruise battles his life with unexpected and ultimate evil. The company believes the upcoming monster reboot to be more adventurous and entertaining as per the trailer released a few days back.

As per the Mummy 2017 trailer, Tom Cruise (who stars in the 3rd reboot by Studios) who is playing the role of Nick Morton gets cautioned by none other than Dr. Henry Jekyll that his fate is revolving as he has been cursed with something weird and named “ultimate evil”.

Well, Dr. Jekyll tells Morton about the fact that you need a monster to defeat a monster and there is no other way out. Jekyll seems fortunate enough who escapes on as many as 3 separate occasions in the trailer shown. So, by looking at the course of events, it can be affirmed that the movie is going to be extremely entertaining and adventurous as claimed by Cruise.

the mummy 2017 trailer
the mummy 2017 trailer | Image Credit: webfeed360

The company (Universal) is trying to better create and launch a ‘monster universe’ along with the film’s release. It will be quite similar to the famous Marvel series of superhero flicks. As per the updates received from Hollywood reporter, the upcoming films from the unforgettable series might include a Frankenstein movie that will star Javier Bardem along with an Invisible Man movie starring Johnny Depp.

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The Mummy is one of the most awaiting film for now that has been directed by Alex Kurtzman, who is credited with producing numerous films in the past, including Star Trek and Transformers and is well scripted by Jon Spaihts and Christopher McQuarrie.

The Mummy 2017 Trailer- Watch how Tom Cruise revives himself with a curse

On the other hand, Tom Cruise, starring in The Mummy has revealed that the film is going to be one of the most adventurous and intense.

The Studio has tried everything possible to make the movie a success. In doing so, they hired none other than Tom Cruise as their leading man after throwing out some intentionally exaggerated elements of the other two films and gone all gritty and dark.

the mummy 2017 trailer
the mummy 2017 trailer | Image Credit: Bloody Disgusting

Cruise was speaking at the launch event of the film in LA (Los Angeles). He disclosed that the movie is going to be much more intense, in case, if the trailers didn’t make that obvious. So, gear up to watch that most entertaining and extremely Tom Cruise starter fun filled adventure.

The entire star cast was present at the launch of the movie, except Russell Crowe, who is known as the Dr. Jekyll (in the movie) kicking off the entire franchise.

The Mummy is going to release on June 9, 2017 in the US and the UK on June 9, 2017.