Sonu Sood Sends Over 1000 Migrants to Bihar & Uttar Pradesh

sonu sood

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, the country is not only facing health related problems but hundreds of other issues that can’t be counted at this point of time.

But still, there are a few that have no solution in spite of the government has done so much in almost every sector.

One such big problem is that of hundreds of migrants who want to go back to their home towns because of the lockdown in the country due to coronavirus.

Although, many celebrities and other eminent people reacted to their pathetic situation, but none of them actually came forward to help them.

It was Sonu Sood who actually took the charge single handily and decided to do as much as he can do.

Today, Sonu Sood is being named not just a reel hero but a real hero. As per the latest Bollywood news, the superstar has been credited to have sent more than 1000 migrants back to their hometown.

All these migrants are actually the workers hailing from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh who simply want to go back in such a drastic situation where there is no work for them in the lockdown.

In case of no work, they face the problem of sustaining their lives. In order to keep themselves alive, they have only one option left which is to leave to their hometowns.

And here comes the hero who not only rescued them but also sent them to their final destinations. Sonu Sood stood by them in the current distress situation.

Last night, Sood was spotted at the Railway Station to personally bid adieu to all the migrant families.

He also made sure that each family of migrants have all the basic amenities like sanitisers and other things.

All the migrants were sent by two special trains to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

This is what Sonu told to a news channel, “The trains left today from Thane to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with the migrants travelling. We have arranged meal kits and sanitisers for all our travellers. I thank the Maharashtra Government for their support. I’m making sure to do everything in my capacity to help our migrants as they’re the real heroes who’re battling COVID-19 so bravely. I’ve pledged to not stop until the last migrant reaches home.”

Finally, the efforts made by Sonu Sood were appreciated by the Maharashtra government, Maharashtra governor along with the entire film fraternity.


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